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Platinum Airways to add online flying to its offering

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Platinum Airways announces that it is adding online flying to its offering. The very virtual Open Skies airline will seek affiliation with VATSIM as soon as its online membership meets the online flying platform’s requirements.


In its three years of existence, Platinum Airways has established itself as a high content and low barrier virtual airline that focuses on its pilots and not on replicating a real-world airline. As the pioneer of Open Skies in the world of virtual airlines, Platinum Airways allows its pilots to fly the mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice. By default, Platinum Airways has always been an offline VA, as it trusted its pilots to file correct PIREPs. As several aspiring members indicated over the past months that they prefer an online experience, Platinum Airways management has decided to add online to its offering.


Platinum Airways’ default policy remains that it is an offline airline. However, in order to provide corporate support to pilots who have or would like to join an online network, Platinum Airways will seek VA affiliation with VATSIM once it meets the online flying platform’s membership requirements for virtual airlines. Existing and aspiring members are invited to state whether they should be considered offline or online pilots. In support, Platinum Airways will appoint an online manager and will enable the online membership to communicate special events and other activities via the Platinum Airways website. Platinum Airways hopes that by removing this potential barrier, it will be in a position to attract a pilots segment that it was unable to service until now.



About Platinum Airways:

Keen to deliver on its mission to keep the fun in the hobby, Platinum Airways is probably the only virtual airline to combine an Open Skies policy, allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, with a strategic hub network. The carefully selected hubs, Newark (KEWR), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), Vancouver (CYVR), Perth (YPPH) and Brussels (EBBR), should be attractive to a global membership. In addition, Platinum Airways offers its pilots an often cheeky Destination of the Week, Relief, Military and Cargo missions and a Flight Dispatch division. Sticking to the KISS principle (Keep It Straight and Simple), Platinum Airways hosts an active forum and a screenshot of the week competition, with the winner providing the main picture on its home page for the next week.  

For more information, please visit www.platinumairways.org or mail info [at] platinumairways.org.

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