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HOW TO UPLOAD TO THE AVSIM-SERVER, step by step manual

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Many X-Plane-users visit AVSIM these days and their number is growing daily.

Last weeks I was asked how to upload files (X-Plane add-ons , paints etc ) to the AVSIM library , for experienced AVSIM visitors just a piece of cake , for our new friends sometimes confusing.

Uploading to our server is certainly no "Hocus Pocus" , nevertheless its a routine one should be accustomed to.

So here it is , the Upload-Manual.
Just download it , print it and keep it at hand when uploading.

I am confident it will help.

Leen de Jager






"Non licet omnibus volare cum aquilis" (Azzurro)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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