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Hi Friends,


SInce i installed my computer new, and also my PMDG product, whenever i fly, the plane is not correct on the flight path, almost 45 degrees turned although the winds are not that strong that this would be the implication. I am attaching a pic now.


Please advise what is the reason for that. I never had this issue before.


Tks Marek

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The System Registry file has been corrupted, or modified with a scenery file that has the incorrect Magnetic Variation, or no Magnetic Variation.


If it is a corrupted file, it is actually a Windows file, and even deleting and reinstalling FSX will not solve this problem.


Flight1 have "FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool" available on their website at‎


You will need to download this tool and unzip it. Do not run it from the zip file. You will need to run it as Administrator otherwise it will not work, because it needs to repair the registry file which is part of your windows installation and not "just" part of FSX.


Sometimes it is caused by a new scenery with wrong/no Magnetic Variation information in the afcad file (the one which lets FSX know where the runways and parking areas are so you can select the airport in the "free flight start" dialogue.)


In this case you may also need to install the "Updated MagVar Data" from This will fix the global file and bring the magnetic variation data up to date. I would suggest installing this anyway as a matter of course.


Finally to be thorough, and because I found I needed to do this once. Install the‎ Registry repair tool again as administrator and not out of the .zip file.

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Has this problem been solved?


I just loaded up the 747-400X and I'm getting the same problem.  Course displayed is about 15 degrees to the right with no wind.  The plane seems to have access to the correct magnetic variation - switch from magnetic to true headings and the heading indicator moves the correct amount.  The plane actually flies the correct heading, it's just the displayed route that is off.


If I fly the PMDG 737 NG on the same route, there are no issues.






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