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FSX / Resource Manager Primer

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The following Windows 8 Resource Manager results are taken during an FSX session while flying the RealAir Duke Turbo into ORBX KORS.  The system is an IB 3970 with Hyperthreading running at 4.8 ghz with 16 gig of memory. The addons are EZCA and UTII.  Note - these tests are also using AccuFeel which is rolled into the FSX results.  I am also using FSXASSIST with FSX set to RealTime Priority and an AF of 254 and FPS set to unlimited.


This first graph shows a system overview.  Things to note are that FSX only has a CPU usage of 40% during an enroute cruise (24k above sea level).  While the thread usage for EZCA is high it only has a CPU usage of 1%.  This will remain so for the rest of the graphs.  FSXAssist has no detectable CPU usage even though it is running in the backround.





Graph #2 shows overall CPU usage.  Since CPU 0 is set for addon apps in FSXASSIST it will remain at nominal usage throughout the graphs.  All other CPU usages show relatively high usage probably due to scenery processing as FSX is dividing up the work for core processing / graphics / texturing. CPU1 is the one to watch as it has the most impact on overall performance.  Also note that service usage is nominal meaning that Windows services are not hurting FSX performance.  This will remain true for the remaining graphs. 




Graph #3 show how FSX and addon Apps are utilizing memory.  As you can see FSX is using memory beyon the 2gig limit (64 bit system) but not by much.  Addon apps use 

much less ram in comparison.  When UTII is loading traffic it will peak at 4gig + but soon settles back down.




Graph #4 show disk usage.  No surprises here as everybody is reading.  EZCA is not a factor as to be expected.




Finally graph #5 show network usage.  Both FSX and EZCA show traffic.  I guess that FSX is polling its weather engine but not sure about EZCA.



When FSX is paused it showed that CPU1 went to 100% with all other CPUs at nominal.  Not sure why or if it is important.


When on approach and after landing at KORS CPU usage was much the same as when in cruise but there were a few more FSX threads active.  Probably for scenery.


Summary:  On this IB Hyperthreaded system FSX runs very well with no stutters or micro stutters.  Overall activity is smooth.  The only negative is short lived ground texture blurries on touchdown.



Jim Allen

SkyPilot Software 

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