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Common real world start-up procedure?

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Hey guys

Sorry for bringing this old topic up.

Thou i have been flying the pmdg 737 in cold and dark state within australia.


My question is.is this realistic?

Or should it set up with either

Long or short state?

What would be most realistic for qantas domestic flights?





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but I'm aware that pilots almost never enter an aircraft in a cold and dark state.


This is a sim-ism.  It's not that uncommon.  On an originating flight in the morning normally the only thing powered on the airplane will be the ground service bus.  If it has sat for several hours during the day you might find it that way as well.


On any given trip I will encounter a dark airplane several times.  Either because I left it that way after the days terminating flight, or because I found it that way for the days originating flight.

Joe Diamond

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I understand what you want but at think that's a bit like asking what does the typical pilot eat for breakfast. So many human elements involved ground and plane ops I'm sure it's different every time. You could look up standard ops for your airline as a start but a switch may be in a different position depending on the flight before and the expected flight after.

That's why they have checklists. So it doesn't matter what you expect every startup will eventually get to the same place before take off.

Now if PMDG could introduce another panel state called 'ransom power on/off' where within reason the plane would be in a random state every time you loaded it up at a different airport I would love that. It would be a challenge not to be caught out with disastrous consequences as has happened in real life by pilots assuming an aircraft is in a certain state and skipping checklist points (such as cabin pressure set to auto not manual).

Either way don't worry about long or short states sounds like you need create one for your airline and save it as Qantas (eg) state short or long.

Russell Gough

Daytona Beach


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