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Flight1 Citation Mustang - Flickering MFD and in-operable switches

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Hello all,


I am cross-posting this post from my original post at Flight1's exclusive customer only support forum. As my issues may not necessarily be a product flaw, I'm not certian how quickly, if at all, they will reply. I'm asking the same questions here in anticipation that there are people that have had similar problems, exclusively with the Flight1 Citation Mustang or other . These are irritating problems that unless I can get them resolved will truely take away the enjoyment of this reportedly fine piece of simulation.


I have purchased and installed v1.08 for my FSX (Acceleration), and as strongly recommended by Flight1 installed the FSX Safe Startup for Complex Aircraft. Loaded up flight with this configuration, changed aircraft to the Mustang, and changed airport and weather. Re-saved as default flight, so now each time I start a flight, it's with the Mustang at KORF. Launched FSX with the new customized default flight. The VC view was active, and the engines were running (despite the displays being black ... one would think the plane was in a cold and dark state ... but cranking up the panel display lights reveals fully populated and functioning displays)


Immediately encountered these problems.

Problem 1: Flickering MFD and with the flashing/spinning Windows 7 cursor bug common with when using higher resolutions over spanned monitors. I'm using 3 23" monitors in a Nvidia surround setup with resolution 5760x1080x32. This is not a new phenomenon for me and experienced with most aircraft in my hanger, but usually only prominent when using panels or other views which with painstaking manual editing of the  panel.cfg file I can in most part overcome them. This is the first that I've encountered the problem with a default VC. Only the MFD flickers.  


I've attached a link to a video taken immediately after starting the flight. Nothing has been touched. The flight opens on the one monitor, and suffers from flickering even before I stretch it across the 3 monitors. Thevideo capturing software doesn't do justice in accurately representing the problem. The cursor flickering bug isn't well depicted, and the MFD flickering is not a rapid. The video isn't even across all three screens. Only on one. The flickering starts immediately when the flight initiates and before I even stretch the window across the 3 monitors.

Notice from the video also the displays are dark (except the MFD. I have to use the cockpit panel light knob to brighten them up. This seems odd as well. I'd prefer if they were lit when fired up.

Problem 2 : I'm finding several switches not working. Perhaps they aren't supposed to, but they seem pretty important. Switches like the L/R GEN, BATT, Avionics STBY/BATT Test, Fuel Boost, Wing/Stab ice protection, Pitot Static, L/R Engine Start, PAX Safety Seatbelt, do not do anything. I'm hoping to be able to tweak my default flight to a cold and dark setting, but it seems I'm unable to to turn off many of the systems as the switches don't respond.

Problem 3 : Throttles don't advance,whether by using the mouse or the Saitek pro throttle controls (All other assigned buttons and axis work on them, just not throttle) The throttles do advance in power, just that the levers don't move.

Problem 4 : If I switch off the Avionics Power switch, should the display not go dark? Not the case in my scenario.


Problem 5 : I opted to try and get some functionality from the switches by going to their respective 2D panels in the Instrument views. The Left Switch Panel was selected but disappeared immediately. The only way I was able to get it visible in the forefront, was to edit the panel.cfg panel and resize and reposition the panel. Only after that did the panel appear. But nothing functioned off this panel! Any clicks on switches simply selected the panel window, with which I could drag the window around. The panel had no functionality.

Link to video:

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