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FTXG sense of heigth and depth again !

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Is it me, or does the improved autogen, especially in big cities, provide for a more realistic and plausible arrangement of buildings and roads!


Not only that, but doesn't it also give a more realistic sense of proportion for buildings, and therefore a better sense of real heigth and depth when looking down?


Did i say 'again'? i meant 'for the first time' ... it's like i am flying over a real world for the fist time in FSX. it's incredible.


Yes, i know that a lot of autogen objects are not there in real life but who cares as long as the arrangement of obects looks so much more convincing than the default fsx objects.


This FTXG for me is a money saver as there's little need for me to buy add-on scenery for exotic regions/ airports i have never visited in real life anyway. 


And another thing. I would have bought this for the night lightning only ! FTXG now makes night flying interesting and realistic for the first time in my FSX experience.


But, please remove the ridiculous skyscraper in front of RW33 at EDDH !

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He he. Yes you are indeed correct.


Now that the buildings have been sized correctly you get a better sense of height and being part of a correctly scaled virtual world.


FTX G is the game changer we all hoped for.

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