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02AUG13 - This should confirm the conspiracy theories...

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Wait... uhm... Hang on... Wha!??!?!


For real!? AWESOME!!! REALLY looking forward to it! Great!

Lukas "TIN TIN -=9th Shrek=-" Mathijsen

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How do I sign  up to be on the Wide Beta Testing Team?   :unsure:  ;)


Although the calender pic is a 77W and the first release is the 772. Conspiracy continues. 

Never mind. Bjw86 already mentioned it. 

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I was giggling while reading RSR's post from both amusement and giddiness! Not sure what that sounded like, glad nobody was around to hear it.

Jon Preston


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Wait- you just told me the account is empty...  You can't possibly think I'm THAT cheap to buy. 







Deferred payment (from Cyprus ... )


Well, since Aug is the month of my birthday ... (I should bribe the testers instead to make sure the estimate will materialize!)

What happened to AVSIM

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Is the release date from the current date (2nd) to the 10th?!


Is that why you zoomed in on those particular dates... ^_^ :P :lol:

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Best of luck on the home stretch!






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I hope, that the wing of the PMDG model will look better than the one on the calender :D

Anyway, thank you very much for the post, Robert.
It's always a great pleasure to read your exhilaratory and sometimes funny texts.

Regards, always three greens and happy landings,


Aerospace Engineer and Private Pilot

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This would be the best birthday present for me, since mine is on the 12th.

David Zambrano, CFII, CPL, IGI

I know there's a lot of money in aviation because I put it there. 


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Very excited now.



7 days a week, picture shows 3 lines of days in the calendar = half life 3 confirmed 7 7 7 .




Alex Ridge

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I just took my son to the Boeing factory up in Everett last week, and we watched the workers assembling some Triple-7 airframes in person.  Now PMDG appears set to release their Triple-7 this month.  I'm certain these two events are related somehow.  You're welcome, everyone.  :-)



Chris Parrott

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I knew 3rd of Aug was just a set up joke from someone, well good work from you and your team Roberto! It's looking superb!!! I still hate though that people like a non FS user thinks that FSX is just a simple game and nothing that clones from realive let's see if they will say the same next mont with the 777! 


- Max

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Who is Captain Sim???   :lol:

It's a little like asking "what is life" Oliver (-;


- Luke Pabari

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