TopCat + PFPX + 737NGX / Weights (How To)

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OK, instead of manually reproducing the code-boxes above, let's see how much trouble I can get in with the mods.  I've attached the PMDG TopCat profiles (text files) to this post.  If all goes well and you can download the text files, and save them to your ..\TopCat\Configuration directory.  Then, continue creating the TopCat and PFPX aircraft as described in my OP above.


attachicon.gifBoeing 737-600 PMDG Mixed Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-600 PMDG Single Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-700 PMDG Mixed Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-700 PMDG Single Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-800 PMDG Mixed Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-800 PMDG Single Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-900 PMDG Mixed Class.txt

attachicon.gifBoeing 737-900 PMDG Single Class.txt

Hello Al.
I have tried to download the TXT files that you attached but the browser does not allow me to download them, I have logged in with my PMDG and AVSIM user account but do not allow it, can they still be downloaded from the corresponding league?
Thanks in advance
Jose Bieletto

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Is there still anyone with the pictures or text files?

If so, please load it up - I will save it, so if they disappear again I will load it up again...

This topic is very helpful, please dont let it die :ohmy:

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On 12.11.2016 at 11:33 AM, BrianT said:

Did this ever make it to the Avsm library? if so what's it called?



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