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PMDG 777 (module 1.5a - Aug 2020)

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It's already setup and working on the MCP2 are you sure you haven't just missed its assignment. I'm not near my FS PC so I cannot look for it, but I have used Speed Intervention many times with the 777.

Cheers, Andy.

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Hi Brian


i am using the original MCP panel and version 2 for the pmdg 777, and the only way i can see the speed and change it on the panel, is by pressing the white button  SPD  under the SPD knob,it wont work by pressing the SPD knob in . 


if that helps


regards Pete

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Using the MCP Boeing II it works flawlessly- push SPD INTV knob.....


Carl Avari-Cooper

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Thank you, Andy, you were spot on about my missing the assignment.....   :rolleyes:




D'oh....  many thanks, my friend — I had completely overlooked the PMDG_Push_SPD function, which (when I assigned it to the knob push) works brilliantly!    ^_^








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In case nobody has already noticed: With v0.3 the MCP2 display isn't synced any more when changing values (SPD, HDG, ALT, VS) in FSX. With v0.2 it still worked on my side.


Thanks and rgds



Btw: The reason why the display wasn't synced on my side was that the functions PMDG_AP_VS_show, PMDG_AP_ALT_show, PMDG_AP_HDG_show and PMDG_AP_SPD_show are commented out in the timer function in v0.3.


Q: Should it also work with the commented out functions?

Robert Budde
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I have currently no Combo test.


If it works for you uncommented better, then do so.

It could be, that there have been errors brought in maybe.


Will try once i have my Combo back

Guenter Steiner

Betatester for: A2A, LORBY, FSR-Pillow Tester

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I get the message ".......\linda/aircrafts/PMDG 777/actions.lua:1215 attempt to call global "_MCP1 (a nil value)"

What is wrong?

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@ BAW326:

module 0.4 has a bugfix for this... hopefully.

Could you try it and report back, please?!




further changes:

0.3 --> 0.4
added PMDG777 macro
Hydraulic switches and rotaries
external power switches
engine start


Guenter Steiner

Betatester for: A2A, LORBY, FSR-Pillow Tester

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Thanks for support!

I tried this new v0.4. The error message is no further active, but a new message is shown:

"LUA ERROR: ......../aircrafts/PMDG 777/actions.lua:1243: attept to call global ´DspVVS´ (a nil value)"


Again, thanks for support. 

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please could you test the following...

Open the 777 LINDA script: Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\linda\aircrafts\PMDG 777\actions.lua


Open it with the LINDA editor (or windows editor...NOT word etc)


If in LINDA editor, go to line 1242 or search for     function PMDG_AP_VS_show ()


At the end of this function, you'll find


change it to

    elseif _MCP2 then

and try it...



Guenter Steiner

Betatester for: A2A, LORBY, FSR-Pillow Tester

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0.4 --> 0.5
Added CDUs (thanks to Emile Bax)
added several CDU functions like opening doors, ground connection etc

Guenter Steiner

Betatester for: A2A, LORBY, FSR-Pillow Tester

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Many thanks indeed, Günter and Emile!   :drinks:


I'm having enormous fun with my 777 — even more so, thanks to LINDA!    ^_^





LINDA 777 v0.5

Functions list (487 in total)

function  NGX_AP_CRSL_show ()
function  NGX_AP_CRSR_show ()

function CaptCDU_Access_EE()
function CaptCDU_Access_FWD()
function CaptCDU_AirCondition ()
function CaptCDU_AirStart ()
function CaptCDU_all_Cargo()
function CaptCDU_All_GroundConnections_off ()
function CaptCDU_All_GroundConnections_on ()
function CaptCDU_AutoFlight()
function CaptCDU_CabLights()
function CaptCDU_Cargo_AFT()
function CaptCDU_Cargo_Bulk()
function CaptCDU_Cargo_FWD()
function CaptCDU_Doors()
function CaptCDU_Entries_124L()
function CaptCDU_Entry_1L()
function CaptCDU_Entry_1R()
function CaptCDU_Entry_2L()
function CaptCDU_Entry_2R()
function CaptCDU_Entry_3L()
function CaptCDU_Entry_3R()
function CaptCDU_Entry_4L()
function CaptCDU_Entry_4R()
function CaptCDU_ExtPower ()
function CaptCDU_Fuel()
function CaptCDU_GPU_and_AC_off ()
function CaptCDU_GPU_and_AC_on ()
function CaptCDU_GroundConn()
function CaptCDU_GroundMaint()
function CaptCDU_GroundOps()
function CaptCDU_MainDeck_Cargo()
function CaptCDU_Payload()
function CaptCDU_PowerType ()
function CaptCDU_Pushback()
function CaptCDU_Wheel_Chocks ()

function FO_CDU_Access_EE()
function FO_CDU_Access_FWD()
function FO_CDU_AirCondition ()
function FO_CDU_AirStart ()
function FO_CDU_all_Cargo()
function FO_CDU_All_GroundConnections_off ()
function FO_CDU_All_GroundConnections_on ()
function FO_CDU_AutoFlight()
function FO_CDU_CabLights()
function FO_CDU_Cargo_AFT()
function FO_CDU_Cargo_Bulk()
function FO_CDU_Cargo_FWD()
function FO_CDU_Doors()
function FO_CDU_Entries_124L()
function FO_CDU_Entry_1L()
function FO_CDU_Entry_1R()
function FO_CDU_Entry_2L()
function FO_CDU_Entry_2R()
function FO_CDU_Entry_3L()
function FO_CDU_Entry_3R()
function FO_CDU_Entry_4L()
function FO_CDU_Entry_4R()
function FO_CDU_ExtPower ()
function FO_CDU_Fuel()
function FO_CDU_GPU_and_AC_off ()
function FO_CDU_GPU_and_AC_on ()
function FO_CDU_GroundConn()
function FO_CDU_GroundMaint()
function FO_CDU_GroundOps()
function FO_CDU_MainDeck_Cargo()
function FO_CDU_Payload()
function FO_CDU_PowerType ()
function FO_CDU_Pushback()
function FO_CDU_Wheel_Chocks ()

function InitDsp ()
function InitVars ()

function PMDG_ADIRU_off ()
function PMDG_ADIRU_on ()
function PMDG_ADIRU_toggle ()

function PMDG_AirC1_auto ()
function PMDG_AirC1_dec ()
function PMDG_AirC1_inc ()
function PMDG_AirC1_off ()
function PMDG_AirC1_on ()
function PMDG_AirC1_show ()

function PMDG_AirC2_auto ()
function PMDG_AirC2_dec ()
function PMDG_AirC2_inc ()
function PMDG_AirC2_off ()
function PMDG_AirC2_on ()
function PMDG_AirC2_show ()

function PMDG_AirCAll_auto ()
function PMDG_AirCAll_off ()
function PMDG_AirCAll_on ()

function PMDG_All_HydRotaries_auto ()
function PMDG_All_HydRotaries_off ()
function PMDG_All_HydRotaries_on ()

function PMDG_AllPanelAndFlood_toggle ()

function PMDG_ALT_HOLD ()

function PMDG_AP_ALT_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_ALT_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_ALT_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_ALT_incfast ()
function PMDG_AP_ALT_show ()

function PMDG_AP_AT1_off ()
function PMDG_AP_AT1_on ()
function PMDG_AP_AT1_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_AT2_off ()
function PMDG_AP_AT2_on ()
function PMDG_AP_AT2_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_BANK_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_BANK_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_BANK_show ()

function PMDG_AP_both_AT_off ()
function PMDG_AP_both_AT_on ()
function PMDG_AP_both_AT_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_both_FD_off ()
function PMDG_AP_both_FD_on ()
function PMDG_AP_both_FD_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_incfast ()
function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_sync ()
function PMDG_AP_CRS_LR_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_CRSL_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSL_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSL_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSL_incfast ()

function PMDG_AP_CRSR_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSR_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSR_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_CRSR_incfast ()

function PMDG_AP_Disengage ()
function PMDG_AP_Disengage_Bar_off ()
function PMDG_AP_Disengage_Bar_on ()
function PMDG_AP_Disengage_Bar_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_FD1_off ()
function PMDG_AP_FD1_on ()
function PMDG_AP_FD1_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_FD2_off ()
function PMDG_AP_FD2_on ()
function PMDG_AP_FD2_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_HDG_BANK_toggle ()

function PMDG_AP_HDG_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_HDG_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_HDG_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_HDG_incfast ()
function PMDG_AP_HDG_show ()

function PMDG_AP_INFO ()

function PMDG_AP_L ()


function PMDG_AP_R ()

function PMDG_AP_SPD_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_SPD_decfast ()
function PMDG_AP_SPD_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_SPD_incfast ()
function PMDG_AP_SPD_show ()

function PMDG_AP_TOGA ()

function PMDG_AP_VS_dec ()
function PMDG_AP_VS_inc ()
function PMDG_AP_VS_show ()

function PMDG_APP ()

function PMDG_APU_off ()
function PMDG_APU_on ()
function PMDG_APU_start ()

function PMDG_AT ()
function PMDG_AT_Disengage ()

function PMDG_Autobrake_dec ()
function PMDG_Autobrake_inc ()
function PMDG_Autobrake_show ()

function PMDG_BCN_off ()
function PMDG_BCN_on ()
function PMDG_BCN_toggle ()

function PMDG_Capt_Flood_toggle ()
function PMDG_Capt_Panel_toggle ()

function PMDG_CB_Light_toggle ()

function PMDG_CLB_CON ()

function PMDG_Disp_Air ()

function PMDG_Disp_CancRcl ()
function PMDG_Disp_Chkl ()
function PMDG_Disp_Comm ()
function PMDG_Disp_Door ()
function PMDG_Disp_Elec ()
function PMDG_Disp_Eng ()
function PMDG_Disp_Fctl ()
function PMDG_Disp_Fuel ()
function PMDG_Disp_Gear ()
function PMDG_Disp_Hyd ()
function PMDG_Disp_Nav ()
function PMDG_Disp_Stat ()

function PMDG_Disp_dec ()
function PMDG_Disp_inc ()

function PMDG_DispList_dec ()
function PMDG_DispList_inc ()

function PMDG_Dome_Light_toggle ()

function PMDG_EFIS_arpt ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_dec ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_hpa ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_in ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_inc ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_InHpa ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Baro_std ()
function PMDG_EFIS_data ()
function PMDG_EFIS_fpv ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Mode_ctr ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Mode_dec ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Mode_inc ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Mode_show ()
function PMDG_EFIS_mtrs ()
function PMDG_EFIS_pos ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Range_dec ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Range_inc ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Range_show ()
function PMDG_EFIS_Range_Traffic ()
function PMDG_EFIS_sta ()
function PMDG_EFIS_terr ()
function PMDG_EFIS_wpt ()
function PMDG_EFIS_wxr ()

function PMDG_ElecAll_auto ()
function PMDG_ElecAll_off ()
function PMDG_ElecAll_on ()

function PMDG_ENG1_cutoff ()
function PMDG_ENG1_idle ()
function PMDG_ENG1_toggle ()

function PMDG_ENG2_cutoff ()
function PMDG_ENG2_idle ()
function PMDG_ENG2_toggle ()

function PMDG_EngL_Start ()

function PMDG_EngR_Start ()

function PMDG_ExtPowerBoth_toggle ()

function PMDG_FLCH ()

function PMDG_FLIGHT_INFO ()

function PMDG_Flood_light_toggle ()

function PMDG_FO_Flood_toggle ()

function PMDG_FO_Panel_toggle ()

function PMDG_Glare_Flood_toggle ()

function PMDG_Glare_Panel_toggle ()

function PMDG_GS_Inhibit ()

function PMDG_HDG_HOLD ()

function PMDG_HydAll_off ()
function PMDG_HydAll_on ()

function PMDG_HydC1andC2_off ()
function PMDG_HydC1andC2_on ()

function PMDG_HydC1Elec_off ()
function PMDG_HydC1Elec_on ()
function PMDG_HydC1Elec_toggle ()

function PMDG_HydC2Elec_off ()
function PMDG_HydC2Elec_on ()
function PMDG_HydC2Elec_toggle ()

function PMDG_HydEngBoth_off ()
function PMDG_HydEngBoth_on ()

function PMDG_HydLEng_off ()
function PMDG_HydLEng_on ()
function PMDG_HydLEng_toggle ()

function PMDG_HydREng_off ()
function PMDG_HydREng_on ()
function PMDG_HydREng_toggle ()

function PMDG_LandingLights_off ()
function PMDG_LandingLights_on ()
function PMDG_LandingLights_toggle ()

function PMDG_LElec_auto ()
function PMDG_LElec_dec ()
function PMDG_LElec_inc ()
function PMDG_LElec_off ()
function PMDG_LElec_on ()
function PMDG_LElec_show ()

function PMDG_LNAV ()

function PMDG_LOC ()

function PMDG_Logo_off ()
function PMDG_Logo_on ()
function PMDG_Logo_toggle ()

function PMDG_LPack_off ()
function PMDG_LPack_on ()
function PMDG_LPack_toggle ()

function PMDG_MasterWarn_Capt ()

function PMDG_MasterWarn_FO ()

function PMDG_Min_dec ()
function PMDG_Min_inc ()
function PMDG_Min_RadBaro ()
function PMDG_Min_reset ()

function PMDG_NAV_off ()
function PMDG_NAV_on ()
function PMDG_NAV_toggle ()

function PMDG_Overhead_Panel_toggle ()

function PMDG_Panel_light_toggle ()

function PMDG_Pedestal_Flood_toggle ()

function PMDG_Pedestal_Panel_toggle ()

function PMDG_PrimExtPower_toggle ()

function PMDG_Push_ALT ()

function PMDG_Push_HDG ()

function PMDG_Push_SPD ()

function PMDG_RElec_auto ()
function PMDG_RElec_dec ()
function PMDG_RElec_inc ()
function PMDG_RElec_off ()
function PMDG_RElec_on ()
function PMDG_RElec_show ()

function PMDG_RPack_off ()
function PMDG_RPack_on ()
function PMDG_RPack_toggle ()

function PMDG_RunwayTurn_off ()
function PMDG_RunwayTurn_on ()
function PMDG_RunwayTurn_toggle ()

function PMDG_SecExtPower_toggle ()

function PMDG_Select_L_Inbnd ()
function PMDG_Select_Lwr_Ctr ()
function PMDG_Select_R_Inbnd ()

function PMDG_Spoilers_arm ()
function PMDG_Spoilers_disarm ()

function PMDG_Storm_Light_toggle ()

function PMDG_Strobe_off ()
function PMDG_Strobe_on ()
function PMDG_Strobe_toggle ()

function PMDG_Taxi_off ()
function PMDG_Taxi_on ()
function PMDG_Taxi_toggle ()

function PMDG_TCAS_dec ()
function PMDG_TCAS_inc ()
function PMDG_TCAS_show ()
function PMDG_TCAS_test ()

function PMDG_Toggle_Chkl_Stat ()

function PMDG_VNAV ()

function PMDG_VorAdf_L_adf ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_L_dec ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_L_inc ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_L_off ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_L_vor ()

function PMDG_VorAdf_R_adf ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_R_dec ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_R_inc ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_R_off ()
function PMDG_VorAdf_R_vor ()

function PMDG_VS_FPA ()

function PMDG_Wing_off ()
function PMDG_Wing_on ()
function PMDG_Wing_toggle ()

function Press_CaptCDU_0()
function Press_CaptCDU_1()
function Press_CaptCDU_2()
function Press_CaptCDU_3()
function Press_CaptCDU_4()
function Press_CaptCDU_5()
function Press_CaptCDU_6()
function Press_CaptCDU_7()
function Press_CaptCDU_8()
function Press_CaptCDU_9()
function Press_CaptCDU_A()
function Press_CaptCDU_ALTN()
function Press_CaptCDU_B()
function Press_CaptCDU_BRTMIN()
function Press_CaptCDU_BRTPLUS()
function Press_CaptCDU_C()
function Press_CaptCDU_CLR()
function Press_CaptCDU_D()
function Press_CaptCDU_DEL()
function Press_CaptCDU_DEPARR()
function Press_CaptCDU_DIAGONAL()
function Press_CaptCDU_E()
function Press_CaptCDU_EXEC()
function Press_CaptCDU_F()
function Press_CaptCDU_FIX()
function Press_CaptCDU_FMCCOMM()
function Press_CaptCDU_G()
function Press_CaptCDU_H()
function Press_CaptCDU_HOLD()
function Press_CaptCDU_I()
function Press_CaptCDU_INITREF()
function Press_CaptCDU_J()
function Press_CaptCDU_K()
function Press_CaptCDU_L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LEGS()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK1L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK1R()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK2L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK2R()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK3L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK3R()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK4L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK4R()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK5L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK5R()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK6L()
function Press_CaptCDU_LSK6R()
function Press_CaptCDU_M()
function Press_CaptCDU_MENU()
function Press_CaptCDU_N()
function Press_CaptCDU_NAVRAD()
function Press_CaptCDU_NEXTPAGE()
function Press_CaptCDU_O()
function Press_CaptCDU_P()
function Press_CaptCDU_PERIOD()
function Press_CaptCDU_PLUSMIN()
function Press_CaptCDU_PREVPAGE()
function Press_CaptCDU_PROG()
function Press_CaptCDU_Q()
function Press_CaptCDU_R()
function Press_CaptCDU_RTE()
function Press_CaptCDU_S()
function Press_CaptCDU_SP()
function Press_CaptCDU_T()
function Press_CaptCDU_U()
function Press_CaptCDU_V()
function Press_CaptCDU_VNAV()
function Press_CaptCDU_W()
function Press_CaptCDU_X()
function Press_CaptCDU_Y()
function Press_CaptCDU_Z()

function Press_FO_CDU_0()
function Press_FO_CDU_1()
function Press_FO_CDU_2()
function Press_FO_CDU_3()
function Press_FO_CDU_4()
function Press_FO_CDU_5()
function Press_FO_CDU_6()
function Press_FO_CDU_7()
function Press_FO_CDU_8()
function Press_FO_CDU_9()
function Press_FO_CDU_A()
function Press_FO_CDU_ALTN()
function Press_FO_CDU_B()
function Press_FO_CDU_BRTMIN()
function Press_FO_CDU_BRTPLUS()
function Press_FO_CDU_C()
function Press_FO_CDU_CLR()
function Press_FO_CDU_D()
function Press_FO_CDU_DEL()
function Press_FO_CDU_DEPARR()
function Press_FO_CDU_DIAGONAL()
function Press_FO_CDU_E()
function Press_FO_CDU_EXEC()
function Press_FO_CDU_F()
function Press_FO_CDU_FIX()
function Press_FO_CDU_FMCCOMM()
function Press_FO_CDU_G()
function Press_FO_CDU_H()
function Press_FO_CDU_HOLD()
function Press_FO_CDU_I()
function Press_FO_CDU_INITREF()
function Press_FO_CDU_J()
function Press_FO_CDU_K()
function Press_FO_CDU_L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LEGS()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK1L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK1R()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK2L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK2R()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK3L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK3R()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK4L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK4R()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK5L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK5R()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK6L()
function Press_FO_CDU_LSK6R()
function Press_FO_CDU_M()
function Press_FO_CDU_MENU()
function Press_FO_CDU_N()
function Press_FO_CDU_NAVRAD()
function Press_FO_CDU_NEXTPAGE()
function Press_FO_CDU_O()
function Press_FO_CDU_P()
function Press_FO_CDU_PERIOD()
function Press_FO_CDU_PLUSMIN()
function Press_FO_CDU_PREVPAGE()
function Press_FO_CDU_PROG()
function Press_FO_CDU_Q()
function Press_FO_CDU_R()
function Press_FO_CDU_RTE()
function Press_FO_CDU_S()
function Press_FO_CDU_SP()
function Press_FO_CDU_T()
function Press_FO_CDU_U()
function Press_FO_CDU_V()
function Press_FO_CDU_VNAV()
function Press_FO_CDU_W()
function Press_FO_CDU_X()
function Press_FO_CDU_Y()
function Press_FO_CDU_Z()

function TimeAccel_show ()

function Timer ()




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Incidentally (as a follow-up to the above post), when I was at the Flight Sim 2013 show a few weeks ago (it was held at the RAF Museum at Cosford — what a great venue!) I picked up a Saitek Pro panel, now that Artem has kindly made the functionality available to us via LINDA. So this morning I had a look at the latest LINDA 777 v0.5 functions to try and decide what I wanted to do with it.


In the end I gave up looking for something original, and decided that the most logical choice would be to use the switches for 777 lights, so that some of the existing panel markings could be retained. The gear up / gear down switch is too nicely modelled to use it for anything else, and that just left the rather VFR-oriented rotary switch. I would have liked to have used it for autobrakes, but it has far too few positions. There's not enough positions for the flaps, either, but in the absence of anything else I wrote some extremely inelegant LUA code to utilise it for that — well, for the most common flap positions that I use, anyway. That will have to suffice until I think of something else.    B)  


The landing gear lights are illuminated green continuously whilst the gear is down, but on moving the switch up the lights turn red, and then are extinguished once the gear is fully retracted. I have yet to test what happens in the event of a failure, but Artem seems confident that it will work appropriately then, too, and I'm sure he's right.   ^_^


So here's a diagram of the unit as I have set it up:



In case it helps anyone that's new to all this, the assignments within LINDA were as follows:




Huge thanks, as ever, to Günter and Artem for this fabulous utility!    :clapping:








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Hi all,

has anyone a working MCP 1 running with the 777? The display works on the MCP1 and the F/D works, even the COM but nothing else. No speed, no HDG nor the ALT. Is there anybody out there helping me?


greetings from south of Germany


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Guys I'm looking and a cpflight MCP737pro/ Efispro can anyone confirm this works with 777 at all or at least will it once and SDK is released. Regards Wayne.



Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD




Wayne HART

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