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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

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It continually amazes how issues regarding FSX performance baffle the mind especially with addons.  Not to diminish the point but when it comes to FSX is all an issue about available resources.


The common complaint is that such and such an addon runs poorly on my great system so it must be trash. :)


OK then you have defined the symptom so what needs to be done to fix it?


You have a few options at this point: 1) uninstall the offensive addon, grab a cup of tea and reassess the performance of your baseline install. (assuming you do have a baseline install)


Now that you have time to recoup and gather your senses you realize that your baseline system was not all that good to begin with so you try to figure out why and realize that oh man that addon I installed before was really slowing things down so you uninstall it.


Then what?  Yea you guessed it you discover that the addon that you installed before 2 back was the issue and so it goes back stepping all the way or IOW steps 2). 3) ecetera.


So the point to all of this is that we first need to realize that FSX has a limited amount of bandwidth to work from.  Seems simple but it is the god awful truth.


We at SkyPilot know this simple fact all too well as our product FSXAssist has a sole purpose to give your system all the resources that FSX requires.  The truth is that FSXAssist and all other FSX tweaks are not a placebo but rather a way to balance system resources for the best FSX experience.


That said we recommend the following:


1) FSX is a give and take - if you want an aircraft with all the bells and whistles then relax your settings elsewhere be they in scenery, AI or other FSX components and / or...


2) Use FSXAssist in realtime mode to give FSX all the resources (bandwidth) it needs and / or...


3) Ramp up your GPU to discount any graphics bottlenecks and / or... (just don't overclock your GPU as it is a waste)


4) Overclock your CPU to within an inch of its life.


Speaking in general terms, use a stock FSX.cfg except for the HIMEMFIX=1 and BP=0 settings.


Finally we at SkyPilot choose to use our utility FSXAssist not because we feel that it is good for FSX but rather it is the best tool to give us the best FSX performance.



Jim Allen

SkyPilot Software



















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