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Serious issue with ATI and Steves DX10 fix? Tears and Spikes everywhere

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I've read through this thread and saw multiple assumptions on what might cause these issues on ATI's cards.


After some testing with my own setup I can at least tell now that it has nothing to do with overstressing the card, nothing to do with autogen setting ( it even happens when I turn autogen off) and nothing to with enabling or disabling the water shader.


In the following picture you can see that my card even produces the spikes at low workload.





So any new ideas and solutions other than spending money on an nvidia card?

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Hi All


I am loving DX10 but sadly also finding that I am getting spikes etc after about an hours flying. I am using AMD radeon  HD7800 and the AMD phenom x6 1100t 3.3 processor. Ultimately I am happy to buy a new nvidi gtx card instead but will it be compatible with my processor??


In the interim is the answer just to reduce my settings in fsx? I am using steves fixer but oddly I dont have the water shader option as it is greyed out?


here are some settings from my cfg:

Thanks in advance 





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here was also troubles with spikes and Errors,

they all are gone since i did not use


I use now:

All troubles are gone. no more spikes no OOMs, and stable fps.
AA with 8 from StevesDX10 Fix runs perfect, no "Radeon pro" in my system.
My Card: RADEON HD7700 1GB only.

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The last big bug for AMD with FSX was solved in a driver release. Maybe we can get this one fixed as well. I have submitted a bug report to AMD. The more people that submit the faster this might get fixed. It's easy...


Go here...




And submit an issue report.


In Describe the Issue and Steps to Replicate... 


You could copy and paste all of this to save yourself some time.


""PRELUDE: FSX can be run in DX9 and DX10 mode. In both cases there is a setting for water. 1xlow med or high. 1x is 1 pass shader. 2xlow, med and high. 2X is for 2 pass shader to provide reflection. 


NOTE: issue is tested by several users and is repeatable. Issue did not happen in driver version 12.4


With the release of the DX10 Fixer http://airdailyx.blogspot.ca/2013/09/steves-dx10sceneryfixer-released.html


The developer of FSX DX10 Fixer tool has sold thousands of copies in 3 months and still selling. FSX users are moving to DX10 in droves.


PROBLEM....Running FSX in DX10 has become the new standard for a huge chunk of the flightsim community. For AMD users, there is a bug concerning water shader at water settings above 2xLOW in game menu. If water is set to higher than 2xLOW (To get additional reflections on water surface) in FSX settings when running FSX in DX10 mode, you get huge corrupt scenery spikes in minutes. Alot of AMD customers are moving to nVidia and taking other AMD customers with them.




The dev tested this issue. Steven discovered that it is truly linked to the water setting. It is immediately repeatable. It does NOT occur on driver version 12.4 But any 13.X drivers it does.


Thank you and I hope it can be solved in a new driver soon.""


Also if you want to raise awareness in the AMD support forum... I started a post as well here...




Reply to that thread indicating that you would like to see this fixed. Marc@AMD helped us last time. Maybe they will again.


Especially when the new R9 290 for $400 matches the GTX780. Would be a nice option for people in FSX. http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/asus_radeon_r9_290_directcuii_oc_review,1.html

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I'm not convinced by this water shader explanation Charles, when i was running DX10 i disabled the water / cloud shader in the DX10 fixer, i still got the scenery spikes. 

Ian R Tyldesley

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I gave up on ati and got myself a gtx 780. Problem solved and I couldn't be happier. The Nvidia drivers are much better

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I'm not convinced by this water shader explanation Charles, when i was running DX10 i disabled the water / cloud shader in the DX10 fixer, i still got the scenery spikes. 


Sorry but it is. However it's not specifically Steve's water shader. The spikes will still happen with the DX10 default Shader as well so it is not FSX's fault with or without the shader. FSX's water shader and the current 13.X driver sets don't get along. Not the first time a driver broke something in a game or app regardless of brand. So as for this spikes in the scenery problem, it would have to be fixed in the driver. Which is why I am recomending reporting it to AMD.


I work with Steve and I was a BETA tester for the Fixer and still talk to Steve. He is really focused on fixing things when he can. The other night Steve brought his older AMD rig out and tested the 12.4 driver his card came with (I have tried this older gen driver as well) and no spikes. Install latest 13.12 driver and spikes came very quick. Go back to 12.4 and no spikes regardless of water setting. I have been testing DX10 mode since 13.1 driver and have been having spikes since it's release even before FIXER came out. 


Steven and I have concluded that the issue showed up in the newer drivers. It's that simple. If people want to have more than one hardware manufacturer's option, it's worth it for current AMD owners to report it. Otherwise FSX DX10 remains an nVidia game. 


And to people that don't like AMD video cards. I don't care either way. I am just trying to help those that like or own them. AMD does not need this little niche community to stay in business. They have XBOX, XBOX1 and Playstation 4 now. In the discrete video card business, AMD has been providing inexpensive alternatives and keeping nVidia prices in check for fans of the green team (which I have been more than not). I like options and I like owning both brands. Thier drivers (outside of FSX DX10 mode) have been on par with nVidia for years and have gone from about 15% market share to close to 40% in the last few years. We are lucky they stay in the fight. Otherwise our precious GTX780 would still be $650. Come to think of it, we might not even have a 780 yet. 



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Sorry but it is


OK, i'll accept your explanation and complete the form as requested. 

Ian R Tyldesley

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OK, i'll accept your explanation and complete the form as requested. 


I thought you bought a GTX780? Anyway. Ya that would be cool. Not sure they will fix it. They did fix the DX9 CTD The 13.11 BETA or whatever that was when we asked. Maybe well get lucky here as well.



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I thought you bought a GTX780?


No, if i only used my PC for FSX then i would have an purchased a 780, but it has other applications on it and i prefer ATI cards.


I may consider a change when this card starts to show it's age. 


I guess us ATI people are going to be stuck with DX9..or P3D2 if only PMDG would relax their stance a little.

Ian R Tyldesley

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New member here, first post!


That out of the way, I too run an AMD card, the 7870. Had the same issue with spikes and other scenery artifacts. It was quite annoying. I fixed it, at least for my machine. I want to help.


Firstly, it is 100%, whole heartedly, without a doubt, assuredly, a driver issue. Roll back to an older driver. If you want, I'll look up which version I'm using (problem-free, even) and post it. AMD keeps them on their site, archived in the back lot. It takes some digging.


Secondly, I hope it's not TOO LATE! Don't start wrecking your FSX .cfg. It's not there. Nothing you'll do in there will fix it. I returned my first 7870 over this exact issue. I posted pics on another site, and asked for help, but ended up solving it with a driver rollback.


Third, I run AMD CPUs, overclocked past 5.0 GHz. No problems. It's all about a driver.


I'm guessing that as far as you've gone to correct this issue, with as many pages are here to be read, that you all may find it difficult to believe that it's that simple a solution. Just try it. When I bought my card, the 13.2 driver was in the box. The version that it came with was already affected and had this issue. I'll look up where that driver comes from and link it in a post if it's ok to do that here. I'm also going to tell you that if you've tried a 12.8-12.11 driver (or just not 13.1) and you're still seeing this problem, that with all due respect, your other driver was not completely uninstalled. Uninstall. Restart. Delete the AMD folders from your programs folder. Restart. Install new driver. Restart. It's a long process, but so is troubleshooting.


Hope this helps, and that it's landed on a receptive audience. It's your driver. Positively.

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Thanks very much for this, GY. This supports Charles' findings, so I will make some modification to the guides (that I have authored), to reflect this.


All the Best,



i7 4790K@4.8GHz | 32GB RAM | EVGA RTX 3080Ti | Maximus Hero VII | 512GB 860 Pro | 512GB 850 Pro | 256GB 840 Pro | 2TB 860 QVO | 1TB 870 EVO | Seagate 3TB Cloud | EVGA 1000 GQ | Win10 Pro | EK Custom water cooling.

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Thank you! With all the complicated troubleshooting steps, intricate testing and tuning, and then even the consideration of abandoning the AMD card, I thought, "well mine is performing spectacularly, I ought to try to help".

The power trophy for "best card out there" goes back and forth between the brands, so it's not really about loyalty, but it seems like anywhere you look, the NVidia camp has plenty of smear tactics to offer about AMD, and I can't stand it. To an intellectual type, it seems easy to conclude that AMD wouldn't be out there with a GPU if they were really that much worse than the competition.

I'm off my soap box now. Ultimately, the goal is to help. I wonder if there are 14.x drivers out there giving any issues yet? I don't update. If the one I've got works, why complicate things?

All the best to both camps.

See you up there!

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