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Graphic bugs on Android

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I'll try to keep it simple.

My device: Samsung Galaxy tab2 10.1 P5100.

Shipped with Android 4.0.3 -> Infinite Flight would not draw the airports.

Updated to Android 4.1.2 -> airport not showing bug, fixed.


Love the app, literally love it. Infact I bought several planes and the caribbean islands scenery.


But there's still one graphic bug that's ruining the experience for me. I wonder if it's something that's unique to my device model, or happens on other Android devices as well. I'm also curious whether other people who bought Infinite Flight experience other bugs.


No need to spend many words in my case. screenshots speak for themselves



Most planes are affected, especially Jetliners, but also the C17, The Embraer I bought the 170 seems rather free from this bug, or at least not as apparent as on other planes. It's particularly annoying on flybys. Scenic camera in particular seems to strike the precise distance from which the bug starts to appear. Tower and Overhead camera on the other hand only show the bug when the plane is pretty close.

Hope developers can fix this in Infinite Flight as there's no way any update is coming for Android to fix this.


Oh, almost forgotting, there's also a bug on the tinted canopy of the F16, I'll post a screenshot of that when I get the chance.

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I can't see the screenshots... but I Have a Huawei G510, the game run perfect, but in Bombardier CRJ200, the livery paint is blurry and stretched and in Boeing 787-900 with unique paint "Virgin Atlantic" also occurs and in Boeing C17 Military also, but only in any part... in other Android MTK6589 QuadCore also occurs this bug...


No is very importante, but yes troublesome... since you can't enjoy of this three airplanes...

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I confirm those planes have blurry\streched low res textures. Hope they're going to fix those, and in general upgrade all available planes to match those in very high detail.


As for my problems. A recent reinstall and update of the game solved the weird stuttering I was experiencing. the bad clipping or z-buffer bugs or whatever you wanna call those I posted at the top of the thread are still there.

Funny thing is my cheap smartphone, an Alcatel pop C5, doesn't show that bug at all.

the Tab2 has a PowerVR SGX540 gpu, while the smartphone has a Mali-400 MP, by the way.

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Now this is a bug in a 3d model but, let's put it in here anyway.

Anybody here has the 767? Well if so, you might have noticed a misplaced pillar in the frame of the winscreen on each side of the cockpit. It's visible from external cameras as well as from cockpit camera, just try looking left and right, you can't miss it.

For a paid Hd plane it's just wrong. I hope it gets fixed asap.

I might add a screenshot later if needed.

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new cockpit for the 737 brings new clipping or z-buffer clipping artifacts on its instrument panels on My Samsung Tab2 10.1 (while my lowly smartphone with a mali400mp graphic chip doesn't show any such problems at all). It looks much like what I already posted in the pictures on the 1st post of this thread. I suspect the new 737 cockpit might actually be different from the others in respect that perhaps it's meant to be upgraded in the future to have functioning displays, or at least illuminated displays for night\dawn\sunset flights. That I'd love, but I'd prefer if that wouldn't cause all sorts of graphic bugs on some devices -_-

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