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P3D2 right for me?

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This thread is really pointed toward one issue I've been having on long flights with FSX.


I've got an Alienware M14x with an:

i7 3.3g (4 real core, 4 virtual)

GeForceGT 650M with 2gigs (DDR5)

6 gigs of RAM

and enough hard drive space to run it comfortably


With that said, on long flights with either the Majestic Dash 8 or PMDG 737, the sim would simply freeze/lock up.  I would be getting decent frame rates of 20ish on complicated ground textures and up above 35+ high in the air.  I had no complaints about smoothness however as I mentioned, the sim simply locks up while I would click around the virtual cockpit doing routine and simple procedures, or even sometimes nothing at all.


I applied the highmemfix to the cfg which worked for the skeletoning issue I had but the freezing continued.  I did apply *******'s complete, suggested fix but that unfortunately caused more issues than it fixed.


This, for me is a deal breaker as I'd like to be able to make long hauls with complicated (for me) navigation tools.  I don't want to spend an hour or more in a flight and have the sim lock up half way through or at any point for that matter.


With that said, I know v2 of P3D is brand new but I'm soliciting opinions on if you all think I will encounter the same issue with freezes.

Any ideas?


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Difficult to know Chris, as your freezes aren't a particularly common issues (well, not in the context that you're getting them).      P3D does come with a 60 day refund guarantee though, so has to be worth a go for you! :smile:

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I think it is logical to assume P3D will struggle more so, than FSX, given your current hardware and present problems.

Arnie....if it ain't broke, don't fix it...

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Actually, I've just spotted that you have a mobile GPU Chris.  :(    I therefore agree with Arnie;  I wouldn't run P3D2 on any laptop personally, as it's just too tied to GPU power now.

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