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P3D v2 IFR approach ESGG

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Prepar3d v2 is delightful for slower GA flights.

I still use FS X for "heavy artillery" stuff like tubeliners, but in time I will - like many others - probably give up on FSX when most of the airliners function properly.


Anyways, here some shots from a flight between ESSA - ESGG

...Cloud surfing. I did experience a bug with carburator icing despite the Bonanza using direct fuel injection. It doesn't have a carburator.






Here you can see the load on the graphics card. When we can use PMDG airliners I will probably have to reduce some settings, otherwise my card will take a pounding.



ILS21 approach loaded nicely in the GPS



Little bit too dramatic clouds for a swedish winter...



Sorry for the default AI...have yet to install WOAI traffic.



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Those are some outstanding shots.  Very nice and crisp indeed. 


I think what was once known as "carb icing" is now called fuel vent icing in injected aircraft sims.  Vent icing presents the same symptoms as carb icing.  At least it sounds more reasonable than icing in nonexistent carbs.

Dan George (woodhick)
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the second is so real!


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