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Nvidia Inspector

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This is mainly for the guys that used Word Not Allowed's 1/2 refresh rate in Inspector in FSX.  Set 30FPS in FSX for a 60hz monitor for this to work correctly.  This setting made FSX super smooth and stutter free for most people including myself.  U noticed this most at takeoff or landing or anytime at low elevations.  Watch the scenery scale by the wing from the VC and u will see a major difference in smoothness when enabled.  Once u use it there is no going back.  This setting will not work with P3d however.  Most likely due to comapability or this hybrid full screen bs.   The only way I can replicate it is to run at a locked 60fps.  However this is not going to happen in most situations.  And yes I have aero enabled in W7 and vsync enabled in game.  Tried locking frames at 30, 31, 32, 33, ect.  All I hear about P3d v2 is how smooth and stutter free it is.  But I am honestly not seeing it.  Am I losing my mind or are u guys seeing the same thing?

Matt Wilson

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No Matt, your not the only one. Read the LM forum. Now, there will be others state "they just dont have any issues" (Mainly here).So who knows. I can only believe what I read on the LM forums.

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The problem is when one person tells the other that they are wrong because it works on his system. All ANYONE can do is state how it look to them. There is NO WAY we know exactly how a system is set up, what process are running in the background, what antivirus is running or any one of the MANY things that can affect the outcome.


For me, P3D2 runs smooth as silk with almost all the bells and whistles maxed. I have my FPS locked at 20 and the TBM at 30 - bottom line - it is absolutely stutter free with no popping a/g. The only mod I made from default was WideViewAspect. Other than that it's stock - then I kept increasing sliders until they were maxed - except water & traffic.


Main complaint is that AA sucks - but LM is aware and working with NVidia - what more can anyone ask?


To me, when I post an "it works for me" post - I'm just trying to let someone else know that it's not the software but probably a configuration error IF the systems are similar.


P3D2 is far better out of the box for a lot of people, than FSX is after 7 years of tweaking.




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