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Flew several flights with the trial version of ASN with each of my commercial livery and nothing but great weather simulation so I purchased.  My test flights were all short flights, a little over an hour in duration and frame rates and VAS usage seemed to be similar to ASE2012.   After purchase I again have been experiencing great performance but again with short flights.  I then tried a trans Atlantic flight in the ConcordeX.  Great weather depiction and frame rates locked at 30 fps, no stutters, no delays, just smooth performance.  But when I was just over the two hour mark in the flight everything just froze in place.  Nothing responded and I waited 10 minutes but still nothing.  I had to use task manager to exit the program but then I just got a black screen. I could see the programs in my bottom toolbar but could not access any visuals.  Checked my video card to see if by chance it was overheating but it was only slightly warm.  Could this be a memory leak?  Was I OOM?   No way to tell.  So I restarted the computer.


The only programs running were ConcordeX, FSX SP2, ASN, UT2 and GSX.  The latter two were inactive since I was at FL580 over the Atlantic.  I have flown the flight countless times before with ASE2012 and never experienced any problems.  In fact,  I have never had a lockup or OOM or CTD even with NGX and sliders full right in over two years.   BTW,I have an old version of FSUIPC and I have set all settings to OFF.  I also was flying offline and had my internet cable disconnected and my Kaspersky de-activated so none of these could be an issue.


Once I had rebooted of course all data was lost so I still had no clue as to the cause.  I restarted ASN and FSX and resumed my flight from a saved position.  I checked my memory, cpu usage and available VAS on task manager and only had minimal usage but as soon as I got to the almost identical point of the flight which put me just over 2 hours airborne, I again locked up and could only get a black screen after I tabbed out of FSX.


I did a complete computer shutdown, waited 10 seconds and then restarted.  This time I was able to continue the flight from my saved position without incident.


I then tried an entirely different flight with the NGX.  After 2 hours 2 minutes inflight I had the exact same issue.  And again rebooting the computer would only allow me to resume the flight up to the point I was over 2 hours total inflight before it locked again.  Shutting down completely for 10 seconds and the restarting everything allowed me to finish the 3 hour flight without further incident!  ?????


I have Windows Vista 64 with Quad Core 2.63G and 4G ram using FSX SP2.   


If this were a memory leak somehow caused by ASN not releasing memory it would also affect the PMDG 777 users since almost all their flights are over 2 hours, but I have no other explanation.  Anyone care to offer a constructive suggestion?  It would be appreciated.

Craig Williams

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I think I found the problem.  I had malware that was somehow interfering with everything.  An intensive run of my AV found it and took care of it.  Now everything on the computer seems to be running smoother and faster.


 Reflew my NGX flight with ASN heavy weather at both departure and destination and monitored the VAS available thru FSUIPC while inflight.  ASN appeared to use and then restore unused VAS properly during the flight.  Never got below 2.3 G available and this time NO LOCKUPS.  


As far as I can tell I am pleased to report that ASN was not the culprit.  It must have been the malware.  I expect everything to work properly on a long ConcordeX flight also.

Craig Williams

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