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Video Discussion: Twin Otter Extreme Short Field Landing

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Name: Twin Otter Extreme Short Field Landing

Category: MS FS Videos

Date Added: 26 December 2013 - 11:54 PM

Submitter: Calypte

Short Description: None Provided


Heavily loaded Aerosoft Twin Otter (Extended) performs extreme Short Field Landing on small airstrip close to Ketchikan (PAKT), Alaska.


DHC-6 is a great STOL plane - perfect for operations from short and unprepared airfields in wilderness. This airstrip is located 16nm east of Ketchikan Airport. Perfect place for a short flight.


FSX realism and graphics is at its best with this great plane and magnificent FTX Pacific Fjords and FTX PAKT Ketchikan International Airport. Sky textures by REX.


Full specs, addons and locations listed here:


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