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24/7 P3D Multi-Player Server

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Hey guys,


I just wanted to let any P3D owners out there know that we over at msFlights.net are running a 24/7 multiplayer server to test out connectivity. If you would like to come test out P3D multiplayer join IP:


See ya in the skies!



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Thanks for connecting everyone! It seems to be running just fine. We had taken the server down for about a week or so, but we have version 2.1 back online now! 



P.S. I forgot to specify that voice comms have been turned off. Instead our server uses TeamSpeak3 for communications. We turn in game voice communication off to prevent people from abusing the channel. 


Click here to download Teamspeak3 (you want to download either the Client 32bit or 64bit depending on if you have Windows 32bit or 64bit)


Our Server Address: msFlights.jmainguy.com (click Connections>Connect) 

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