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Autoland and rollout in x-wind

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When performing an autoland in a significant x-wind (in FS2004), the Queen will maintain a crab all the way to the flare.  During the last moments of flight, the a/c will de-crab somewhat and the Rollout function will then complete the de-crab on the ground, maintaining a centerline or nearly centerline heading.  Does this behavior emulate real life or does the real a/c de-crab higher up and come in wing-low?  I believe the original PMDG manual (2005) mentioned a de-crab at 500' AGL, but I don't think I've ever seen this in the sim.  I would think a wing low arrival could be pretty risky in a ship as large as the Queen.


Thanks for any comments--and happy new year!



Jonathan Sacks

Dell XPS Gen 4, Pentium IV Northwood extreme 3.8Ghz, 3Ghz RAM, eVGA 7900 GTO,

12 GoFlight modules plus MCP-PRO AP and EFIS, GF pedestal, CH rudder pedals,

CH throttle quadrant, 42" LG LED, 24" DELL LCD, Windows XP, FS2004, FSUIPC 3.96

FS Autostart 1.1 (Build 11), FS Navigator 4.6, UT, FE, GE, REX, PMDG, Level-D, PSS, etc.

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