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radar contact crashing leveld 767?

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Don't quite know which is the problem here, Radar Contact or the Leveld767.  I am running leveld on fsx, with widefs, I am running RC on a networked PC via widefs.


When I start Radar Contact while running the levelD, the level D, suddenly jumps to a random location, and I get a collision notice as if I had rolled into something.  I have tested the same problem with RC and LD767 on the same pc, and get the same results.  Anybody know what's going on?  I'm stumped at the moment.





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Apparently, this goes here, I am now experiencing it with all aircraft, gonna uninstall and try over.



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When RC moves your aircraft when it starts, it sees your aircraft position outside of the boundaries it allows around the center of the airport location. This center is computed as the center defined by your runway locations, not the airport real estate. This can happen because of the location in the flightplan not agreeing with where you placed the aircraft as RC sees it via fsuipc.


This can also happen when incorrect runway and from that developed airport locations get into the database in RCv4\data as r4.csv and from that a4.csv.


First make sure you have the latest makewys.exe in your FSX folder from:



Install the latest fsuipc4 full and interim versions from:



Since you are on a network where RC is on a client and FSX is on the host, there is one extra step you have to do in building RC's scenery database.

First run directly in the FSX folder on your host makerwys.exe. You will see the airport/runway countdown and when it finishes OK it to close it.


Now first start RC on the client and make sure the network path to your flt\wxr folder is set correctly. (This is usually where your .pln files are stored.) Do not cancel outside of this browser otherwise it can corrupt your RC configuration files. In your rcv4x folder copy rcv3.dat and keyboard.dat to a safe folder outside of rcv4x. This can avoid a reinstall in many cases where rc will not start frequently because of error 62.


Now start the RC scenery rebuild. At the wide-fs network prompt answer Yes then OK to continue. Enter the network path to your host FSX folder and OK that. You should then see RC state it copied r5 to r4.csv and OK that. It then states building a4.csv and OK that. It then states finished building a4.csv. After you Ok that wait a few seconds insuring disk writes stop and then you can close RC.


Now you can insure if troubles continue that the scenery rebuild worked OK. On you host go into your FSX folder. Use the detail view in explorer and get the size and modified date-time of r5.csv. This should be the time you ran makerwys.exe directly in that folder.


Now on your client go into the rcv4x\data folder using the detail view of explorer. Look at the size and modified time-date of r4.csv. The size should be the same as what you noted in r5.csv and the modified date-time should be when you ran the scenery rebuild on the client. Now note on the client the modified ate-time of a4.csv. This should very close to the modified date-time of r4.csv and should not be small but about 1,000KB roughly in size depending on the number of airports discovered when r5 was created on your host and copied here as r4.csv.


Now we can check that the RC airport coordinates match you flight plan coordinates. On your host pc open your flight.pln file in wordpad and copy down the departure airport coordinates. On your client pc in the rcv4x\data folder open only in notepad or wordpad, not a spreadsheet application, a4.csv. Search for the departure ICAO code and you will find a line similar to this:


KMSP, , 44.88177 ,-93.22242 ,-2.3 , 841 , 11699 for my add-on KMSP airport in FS9.


Here the first bold number is whole degrees and decimal degrees of lattitude and the second is the same for longitude. In my example, in the xml FSX plan the data for KMSP  looks like this:


<DepartureLLA>N44° 52' 55.00" , W93° 13' 18.00",


To convert the a4 coordinates above multiple the decimal portion by 60 so I get 52 and then that decimal remainder x60 I get 57.7. so it is 44 degrees 52 minutes and 58 seconds lattitude for a4. Longitude similarly works out to West is the -, 93 degrees, 13 minutes, and 20 seconds. So this agreesell witghin boundaries between the flight plan and RC's a4 airport cordinate database. Where you aircraft is located coordinates are returned by fsuipc.


Now you have all of the the troubleshooting information you require if you find RC moving your aircraft.


If your r4.csv on your client and your r5.csv on your host do not agree in properties check you network share permissions to insure RC can copy your host r5.csv to its data folder as r4.csv. Except in name they should be identical.


Do not allow the RC .csv files to be opened in anything except notepad or wordpad. Do not save these files after inspecting them but cancel out of those apps without saving.


One more thing to check if still having problems is to open the huge text file in your FSX folder called runways.txt. Do this if having problems with specific airports. Makerwys inspects your FSX scenery.cfg file for all of the default and other installed scenery, both airports and afcad type files. Scenery.cfg gives the location and priority of your airport data. The last entries in runways.txt for any ICAO code show the path for the scenery data used in creating r5.csv. Add-ons will have a deletion section and later the airport data section.


Now that you have the complicated background information, one common operator error is using a mismatched departure location in the flight plan compared to where the aircraft is parked in the loaded flight. The only airport I recall where you can get outside boundaries that some users have had problems with is Aerosoft's Heathrow EGLL for FSX to my knowledge. There are threads about this in this forum. I don't know what solution was found.


Good luck in checking everything. Than ks for your patience.

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