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Button Mapper - Problem with recognising buttons - Vista 32

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I appear to be having problems with Button Mapper picking up the assignment I try to make. the Field "Device" = CH PRO THROTTLE USB is always filled out and the "Button" field has a number assigned e.g 798233000000, When selecting different Instruments and functions I get the same assignment. Also a warning comes up "button Already assigned!" when I acknowledge the warning it occurs multiple times, sometimes the button number changes slightly (same Instrument and Function selected) but the same warning comes up. In the end I have to use task manager to close button mapper.



I have a CH PRO THROTTLE USB and a Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X, both appear as installed controllers in control panel (Game Controllers) and all buttons work (using Properties, “Test” in Game controllers). Both controllers function correctly in FSX, picking up any assignments made directly in FSX. Also I tried connecting and re-connecting the controllers and the “No of USB Devices connected:” dropped by 2 and increased by 2 accordingly in button Mapper.



System Configuration is

Windows Vista 32 - Home premium

EFIS Panel Builder V2.8 (same problem happened with V2.7)

No other Thrustmaster or CH drivers/Software installed.

FSX Accelerations:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended (verified in Control Panel, Programs and features)


Any help appreciated.

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We had one other report regarding this issue on Vista. We are currently re-designing the ButtonMapper program to make it more robust. This might solve the problem. We are planning to have a new version by the end of next week.

Reinhard Hussel


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