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Do You Remember Your First ever Flight in a Jet Aircraft?

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Mine was when i was twelve. London Heathrow to Amsterdam with my father. We went on a BEA HS Trident, and I remember being very excited.


Back then, flying was nowhere near as routine as it has become today.

Peter Schluter

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Don't remember the year but it was a USAir DC 9 30 ( the silver livery with the burgundy and red stripes) from ewr to pit then to Charleston WV. I had a big "unaccompanied child" sticker on me.


I tried to remember everything I could about that flight. The most vivid thing was feeling the plane slow down for decent. Kinda scared me. However I made the decision to be a pilot. Wished it would have worked out.


First flight as an "adult" was an A300 from ewr to sea. I paid $50 (employee discount) to go there and come back same day just to enjoy flying.

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Malaysian Airlines A330 PER-SIN. The love affair hasn't ended yet...



"If you can't solve and equation with calculus, you're not using enough calculus" - A wise friend

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Toronto to Los Angeles with a stopover in Chicago on a DC-10 in 1976 with American Airlines. I used to love those big shiny jets

Matthew Kane


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1975, NWA DC9 flying form KORD to KMSP (and back).


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March 2001, LROP to EHAM with a KLM B737. That was the day I fell in love with aviation...

To this day KLM remains my favorite airline, and B737 my favorite plane.

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Don't remember the year but it was on Song Airlines ( You know, the low-cost airline that was operated by Delta ) going to Orlando for a trip to disney world lol.

Chris Ferguson

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It was a dark and stormy night as I flew from KDEN to KGJT (as a passenger) in February or March of 1979. I was in a 737 (probably a 200) and it was also my first night flight and the worst turbulence I've ever been in.  At one point it felt like a giant hand grabbed the tail of the airplane and gave it a hard shove downward with a little bit of spin to the right.  It felt like we dropped about 200 feet in about three seconds.  A mild panic ensued when after that all the cabin lights started flickering every time we hit a bad bump.  And there were lots of bad bumps.


Once we got below the storm on approach, we were flying through cold still air and the last ten minutes of the ride were almost eerily smooth.  The pilot greased the landing and it was the only time I've been on a flight where everyone clapped and cheered when it was over.

Richard P. Kelly

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Yes. I believe it was on a 707 and I remember it because it was upon my induction into the Air Force.  Flew on a turbo prop from Indianapolis to Chicago with several other inductees where we were added to a growing "herd" of inductees from other neighboring states, then herded onto a charter jet for the trip to San Antonio.


Before that the closest I had come to a jet was a couple of years prior to that when I was working at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Andy Granatelli's turbine race cars qualified and ran. <grin>

Frank Patton
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1970 With Fokker F-28 Fellowship BRAATHENS SAFE

From Oslo to Stavanger. I was 12 years old.


In Stavanger I was invited in to the Braathens hangars to have a closer look at all the aircrafts that was in for maintance.

My uncle was working there, so I was invited to sit in the Captain seat of both Fokker jet, and DC-7 propeller aircraft.


It was a great day, and I will never forget it.



Lars Peter.

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Early 80's, KC-135, Fairchild AFB, it was an Explorer scout group activity, the group was focused around flying and we were all nearly through ground school, most were working on some dual in a C-150, I had my first solo under my belt at the time. We drew names out of a hat, two of us would be allowed to ride in the cockpit on takeoff, I was one of the lucky two. We had free reign of the airplane in flight, they let each of us fly the refueling boom around a bit. I remember looking out the window and thinking the skin of the airplane looked different at altitude, very clean & pristine, maybe because the air up there was devoid of moisture or any other pollutants, then again maybe it was my imagination.


Later we hooked up with a couple jet fighters, I don't remember what they were, but we refueled them one at a time (could they have been F-104s? For some reason that rings a bell...). While one plane was fueling the other would fly along in formation just off the tanker's wingtip. My buddy kept trying to get one pilot to wave at him for a photo but he must have been busy because he didn't notice us waving at him through the windows. They both peeled off to the right after they were fueled, they turned into tiny specks almost instantly and disappeared completely a split second later. Total flight duration was about 2 1/2 hours, I have no idea what part of the planet we covered, all I know is for a teenage kid that didn't know anything besides airplanes even existed it was a pretty awe-inspiring experience :smile: .

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