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DC-6 Swingtail

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Hi all, 


I'm watching S05E11 of Ice Pilots NWT, and they feature a very special DC-6- the "Swingtail" version. Basically, the tail opens up 90 degrees, much like a Dreamlifter. Will PMDG be including this in the upcoming DC-6? It might be difficult to model COMPLETELY accurately given that only two were ever converted to swingtail models and there's only one left flying- the Buffalo Airways one (N434TA). 

Just a thought, but it would be a neat little feature in the 6! 


Kevin L



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 PMDG needs to make a model of 1 aircraft left in existence?

Richie Walsh


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If there's only one left and two ever built I doubt they'll model it. FS is a niche market already, to focus it to that extent to cover the even smaller number of people who would be looking for that specifically would likely be something of a waste. People are impatient enough as it is just to get the regular model. I could be wrong about all of this, but it just doesn't seem likely to me. 

Elijah Hoyt

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Can't wait for this...


I love dragging aircraft off the deck like this, much more challenging than the ease of having two Trents strapped under the wings!



-Iain Watson-

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Modelling a swing tail freighter is basically an external model change, surely. Maybe some systems logic if it's powered. However many there were it's an interesting thing to have in your fleet. The fact that one is left in operation makes it possible to do with PMDG accuracy. Otherwise you could do it from photographs and drawings. To the people asking why, I would say why not?


The number still in existence is irrelevant to classic sims.


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