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Shannow 48

Fsuipc is it a right of passage?

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Hi everyone This is a total newbie alert as I'm just dipping my toe into this wonderful world of flight sims. New Computor bought. i5 quad core processor nvidia 660 graphic card. Whole lot loaded on to a 1 tb hard drive specifically for FSX , PDGM 737 Love it extended Otter love it. Ready to rock and roll.

I've taken off, I've circled, I've planned and I've landed absolutely hooked on the flying. Next stage advised a friend. Get these musts. Top of the list Fsuipc. "It brings everything together" can't live without it its an absolute must.


Now before I go on let me categorically state this next bit is in no way intended as a slight or a dig at Mr Dawson the Creator of Fsuipc. I found the manual I read the manual and quickly came to the conclusion I am not fluent in this language of ini files and delta rescans and to disable or not to disable FSX controls to avoid conflict. 


The result is now I haven't got off the tarmac in 2 weeks. I feel I have failed the initiation test of a dark masonic cult and I'm now going to feel the wrath of the grand wizard. 

I'm stuck firmly in between wanting the freedom that this adding brings and just wanting to fly. One throttle jerks like its having  seizures the other range jumps front 0 to 16444 or in the region of. The airilon. Only moves 2 degrees. Left or right.


So the main question is are there any remedial classes out there, or samaritians that will help. Hey they can laugh at the new boy as long as they get me back up in the skies.

And just as a disclaimer to all please don't take offence at putting a light hearted slant on a desperate request. Regards to all.

Richard Preece

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Most of us that feel Fsuipc is absolutely necessary have a lot of external hardware that needs to be interfaced to the Sim, Fsuipc is in many cases the only way to get this hardware working with various addons and have the various different configurations loaded automatically without having to tediously reconfigure the whole lot for every different aircraft that we might load.


The documentation is superb (imho) but does sometimes require a few read throughs.

I have been using Fsuipc for many years and am still discovering things it can do.


Amazing bit of programming

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I on the other hand have never read the manual. Shame on me I know but I still find FSUIPC essential. Just poking around in there will let you figure out a lot. It's especially handy for setting up your controls if you have any jitter in them (control spikes where your levers move apparently with a mind of their own) as I have now with my saitek throttle quad, smooths everything out. Also allows greater freedom when assigning hardware switches. It's pretty easy to work out what's what. Make sure you get WideFS which opens up the possibility of using programs like FsCommander and many more on another computer. I use it for a Project Magenta G1000 on a laptop, frees up processing power on the main machine.

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Hi, Shannow48


I suggest you get FSUIPC if and when you need it.  Some add-ons require it, others don't.  The installation instructions will tell you if you need it and often even install it (but in that case you should go to the FSUIPC web site and make sure you have the latest version -- check the version in Flight Simulator X>Modules).  It will perform some functions for free, others require you to register and pay for it. 


For setting up controls, in addition to what other people have said, it allows you to provide a curve for each control -- for example, make your throttle lever, elevator or aileron controls have more effect on the high end than on the low end, or visa versa.


It also provides weather smoothing, so that if you use on-line weather, you don't suddenly have a 100 knot tail wind switch to a 100 knot headwind, causing an overspeed, or the other way around, causing a stall.  (If you ever leave your desk on a long-haul flight and come back to find the aircraft sitting on the ground or floating in the ocean, it is probably due to a wind shift causing a stall.)  It also reduces turbulence effects to make them more realistic.


Another very useful feature is Autosave, which saves your flight automatically in the background periodically (as you set it).  If you have a simulator crash or just want to retry a botched approach it is very useful.  This feature also works with at least some complex addon aircraft such as the PMDG ones, although it requires a little setting up.


On a completely separate topic, if you are using Windows 7 (or I believe Windows 8 which is very similar) many very knowledgeable people recommend installing FSX outside of the programs folders (the default install) as they have "protections" that interfere with the proper functioning of FSX.  Mine is in C:/Flight Simulation Programs/Flight Simulator X and works fine.  Some people recommend installation on a completely separate drive if one is available.






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