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FS9 AI Sound file question

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Hi all,


Do FS9 AI aircraft ignore the sound folder ??


I have been puling my hair out over this all day, checked all the file names etc etc, tryed "alias" sound config files..........


I have Tornado fighter jets sounding like a 747 and chinook's sounding like a Dash 8 out of Southampton??


Doesn't seem to mater what i do, the sound folder has nice afterburning noises, the plane in FS9 goes "whinnnneing past" like it has turbo fans???

And the Chinnok ..... well i just laughed at that.


Am i missing something REALLY obvious here??

Can anyone stop me going bald ????



Thanks in advance



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Cleverly I tend to write posts offline, so here's the week-old reply I made (now outdated, but the download might interest some)


FS9 has a very limited sound palette.

The files reside in the "Sound" folder:
















There are corresponding ones called "xai..."

The sounds are assigned by engine type, so yes a Tornado sounds pretty much like any other jet. 


Many have tried to improve this, but you are stuck with what you can assign.


Having said that, there's an innovative ai sound file in the library, using a very long jet sound sample.

My airports are alive with jets that rev up, sometimes coincidentally with taking off.

Surprisingly immersive I've found.  



Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Sounds

AI Traffic Sounds




File Description:
HDSimulations 2014 AI Traffic sounds by Trell Brown. These sounds will give your airport and AI aircraft a realistic environment. This includes the "spooling" up and down of jet engines. For FS2004 and FSX. Not tested on FSX.







18th January 2014, 21:25:57




Trell Brown



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No, FS9 does not use the plane's sound folder for AI sounds.  It uses a limited number of files starting with ai (interior) and xai (exterior) files in the main FS SOUND folder instead.  Short of buying FSHotSFX (no longer supported except for reinstalls), there is nothing you can do to really change this system.  I do have landing sounds included in my classic AI traffic (tire chirp and reverse thrust), but that's about all you can do.


FSX does use a separate folder for each AI aircraft (if included) - it's the soundai folder.

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Do FS9 AI aircraft ignore the sound folder ??


Correct, . . . . AI aircraft sounds are determined by "engine_type =" in the aircraft cfg. file. ---- Tom has just answered as well I see, so I will only add that no sound folder is required or used and that the "sound=" line in the " [fltsim.n] section(s) of the aircraft configuration file can even removed if desired.


In regards to the Chinook sound; here is a sample from a AI aircraft picked a random. to use as a example.


//0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine, 4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop

engine_type = 1
fuel_flow_scalar = 1.000
engine.0 = -20, -9.32, 5.53,
engine.1 = -20, 9.32, 5.53,
engine.2 = -44.25, 0, 4.56,
max_contrail_temperature = -40


in your Chinook's aircraft.cfg file, find this section and look at what "engine_type = 1" reads. If you see "engine_type = 3" then that is the best FS9 can do. If it reads "engine_type = 5", change the 5 to a 3 and save. That is the best you will get unless you make changes such as Tom suggested or do some editing to the appropriate files in the main sound folder - don't forget to make backups if you do. Hope this helps.




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Quite immersive i should say. I am the author who uploaded the HDSimulations 2014 AI Traffic sounds, and it's wonderful to know that Wingz is enjoying the package. Spread the news, guys!!!!!

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Try this - it works in my FSX system




A300 GE RD

A310-300 GE
soundai - this is a regulart sound folder for an Airbus A310 I  downloaded from our  site.

AI - all my AI aircraft are in this folder separated by developer.
Airbus A319-100 CFM DJC
soundai - this folder (and many like it) is in each aircraft-type's directory.  It contains the alias pointing to the AI sounds in the Misc\Traffic_Sounds\Jets\A320 CFM RD\soundai sound folder


This statement is in the aisound folder - aisound.cfg in the spelcific aircraft's folder

alias=..AI Sounds Pack\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic_Sounds\Jets\A320 CFM RD\soundai

NOTE:  You do not need an assosciated alias in the specific aircraft's folder.  The "sound=" takes care of that.



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Pretty sure the OP is wondering about FS9 and not FSX.

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Only [GeneralEngineData] entries "engine_type=0" (piston sound) or "engine_type=1" (jet sound) support AI heli - with entry "engine_type=3" (helo turbine) AI won't take-off.



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