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I've encountered issues setting up the X55 Rhino with FSX and mainly settign up axis and buttons with FSUIPC, and with the help of Pete Dowson and a bit of luck I must say I've come to a solution so I'm making a topic here so that it might serve other using the same hardware. This isue appeared for me with a Windows 8 64bits and FSX, but if you have a later Windows or P3D and have the same issue you may give it a try.


The symptoms

My joystick was installed with the official driver, and the official software (but even without the official drivers) the issue was present. When I was going within FSUIPC and in the Axis Assignement panel, I could detect movement from my rudder pedal set, and from the rhino throttle part, but nothing from the Stick part.

After checking the FSUIPC.ini file the Joystick was definitely there, but still it would not do a single thing.

As a common issue too, in the windows control panel, I could as well test my throttle and see all axis and buttons movement. But I would have an error message on the stick part.



During my search for the issue I came upon a small programe named JoyIDs that is available at : http://www.wingmanteam.com/latest_software/gadgets.htm%C2'>

I decided to change the ID for the stick, at the beginning I had the Throttle with ID #1, the Stick with ID #2 and the Rudder with ID #3. I switched with this application the ID from #2 to #11 (which I chose randomly). And that was the Eureka moment. Suddenly the calibration page started to work within windows, and then of course as well within FSUIPC.


So if you're faceing this issue it might be worth trying.


On a final side note if you're using the throttle axis with PMDG aircrafts you will need to put the  UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes on your FSUIPC.ini file in the JoystickCalibration part. Otherwise you will have issue like the throttle changing the thrust while the A/T is on (on level flight) as well as a wrong position blue line for the throttle position if you've enabled that PMDG option.



Aurelien Vandoorine

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