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777 MENU button

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I would like to have access to ground power before the aircraft is powered up, i.e. when completing the pre-flight scanflows, the external power would be AVAIL, and ready to be selected ON.  The book says hold the MENU button to activate the CDU prior to power up, but for the life of me, I cannot hold it more than about one second, then the little hand opens again.  I would like to start in COLD AND DARK, but this seems to start with the ground power selected DISCONNECT.  Anybody any ideas?  I have tried to do my homework on this but cannot find a reference as to HOW to hold the MENU key.

Phil McConnell

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Thank you.

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To the op  when you hold the menu on for  a second  for  which that's all you need  to hold it for.  There should be options  on the cdu once you have done  this, are you able  to see these option at all once you pressed the on button for  a second?

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Peter kelberg

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Anybody any ideas?


Have you actually just tried holding your mouse button down until something happens, or have you just been giving up as soon as the hand changes?

Kyle Rodgers

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