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FMC and Autopilot Problem with the PMDG 744 Included Liveries

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Hello :)



I`ve bought the 744 a month ago and I am very happy, that i`ve did it :)

Its a wonderful and nearly perfect addon.

My only Problem(s) is, that every flight with the Included Liveries like Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore... isnt possible cause of mistakes in the FMC, mostly in the climb.

Only the Addon Liverie from the Internet (Thai Airways NC) is working nearly perfect.

The Problems are the following:



I search a route on vatroute, which is minimum height of 25000ft.

I tipe it in the FMC and it shows maximum flight-level 120 or unable crz alt.


The second problem is while the takeoff: While climbing, the FMC shows "unable next alt", but nothing happens after the error.



The third and the most annoying problem is, that the Queen is climbing over the crz alt and I can`t stop it.

As example: CRZ ALT is 200.

The queen climbs with 6000ft/min and goes on at FL200.

Now I`m going to turn the Height Button at the A/P on 20000, click on it and the queen is going on climbing but with 2000ft/min.

I cant stop the "overclimb".

What`s wrong?


It`s only with the PMDG delivered liveries and not with the Addons from thE Internet.



How I can fix it?




Thank you and sorry for my bad english :(

Best wishes



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Not a solution, but came here looking for similar info.  I've been flying the Queen since its fs9, then X release, and while by no means an instructor I'd say I'm well acquainted with the ops (herein lies my first, of many, mistake  B)  )


Not sure if it's relevant, but yesterday installed the KALF X livery. On my first subsequent flight I set up the flight and FMS as I have the previous thousands:


IAS to v2, LNAV VNAV armed, alt set to 10k, TOGA.  After cleanup alt set to 280 (for this flight), alt dial pressed to confirm, etc.


The flight proceeded normally up until assigned altitude, at which point like Yannick's the aircraft continued to rocket skywards.


The only intervention that had any effect in my case was to activate alt hold, then vert speed, then back into VNAV.  The aircraft then settled back down to cruise alt for the remainder of the flight.


Never experienced this before... any thoughts on potential causes?

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Hi Yannick,

I have absolutely the same problem since a few weeks. Before I had no problems flying the X-version for years now.

Uninstall and install a brand new download version (2.1) doesn't solve the issue.


I will try the answer from "sddjd" and hopefully it works. You can't really fly with the problems we have at the moment.



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