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PMDG 737 always crashing when approaching in VTBS.

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Hello, so i have this bird almost over an year now. I really love to flight it. But as you see on the title i have a problem. I made a flight with FSC from Kathmandu VNKT to BANGKOK VTBS. 

Im using the payware "aa sceneries bangkok" So this is the second time it happens, well the game crash, now i tell you what happen.


So everything is set in fmc, route etc...

I take off.

 Im cruising

Then it´s time to approach.

The VNAV descending for me. About 70 Miles from airport, i get the message what runway i may land on. The message was ILS 1L. I go to VTBS approaches in fmc, and selecting the VTBS>ILS 1L and selecting a star. All systems seems to work fine. There is thunderstorm, im using rex overdrive clouds. But FPS is fine about 38. Now im on 7000 feet, and in 8 miles or so, the route gonna make the sharp turn, to line up with runway. 

And bum, crash. 

The first time it also happened about 8 miles from the airport. I have tried to takeoff from the airport and it worked fine, so i dont think its a scenery problem.

It just freezing and crashing 3 min after. I get fatal error.


Please help me, i really want to approach in bangkok, in thunderstorm ;)


And yes i have lastest drivers to my AMD Card.


My addons:

REX + Overdrive.

aa sceneries bangkok

PMDG 737


Information about error



- System
    - Provider
      [ Name] Application Error
    - EventID 1000
      [ Qualifiers] 0
      Level 2       Task 100       Keywords 0x80000000000000     - TimeCreated
      [ SystemTime] 2014-05-06T13:31:24.000000000Z
      EventRecordID 45487       Channel Application       Security
- EventData
      fsx.exe       10.0.61637.0       46fadb14       g2d.dll       10.0.61637.0       46fadb58       c0000005       00085da0       1704       01cf69260f498412       D:\Flight Simulator X Deluxe\fsx.exe       D:\Flight Simulator X Deluxe\g2d.dll       b78c502b-d522-11e3-bf1b-902b341089ef


System Spec.


GPU: Gigabyte AMD RAdeon 7970 GHZ edition

CPU: Intel Core-I7-2700k

RAM:16 GB Corsair Vengeance

Harddisk: 4TB WD black FSX installed on this drive.

SSD: 500 GB Samsung

PSU: Corsair CX600

Blu-ray reader: Samsung


Hope you can help me guys :)




Sorry for bad eng.


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Hey Math, 


you posted in the wrong section, head over to the AVSIM Fixed Based Operation, and from there to  the Crash to Desktop  (CTD) Forum. They will have a look at your log, and help you out, 



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Im sorry for multiple posts! The site gave me service error, admin you may delete it if you want ;((

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