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Hi Guys,


I'm having problems using GSX with MCE. The only thing GSX ever seems to wants to do is push me back!


If i say "Ground Request Catering" it thinks I've said "Ground push straight" etc. It seems to interact with the GSX menu fine when I do actually want to push back but for all other commands it either doesn't work or thinks I've requested push back. The co-pilot commands work flawlessly so not sure its a voice issue (i've done the speech training about five times now! Fed up of it!)


Another example is if I request fuel, "ground request fuel," the co-pilot seems to pick this up as a command to her but nothing happens anyway. I can request ground power too and this seems to work with ground.


Any ideas, i'm using the PMDG737NGX and i've set ground services in mce.ini to GSX but that didn't seem to help.





Dan H

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Hi there.
The only "ground" commands that I know will work are:-

To establish Contact;

Ground from flight deck
Ground engineer from flight deck
Ground mechanic from flight deck
Maintenance from flight deck
Engineer from flight deck
Assistance from flight deck
Mechanic from flight deck
Technician from flight deck

To ask ground mechanic to begin push back;

Ground mechanic start pushback
Ground mechanic begin pushback
Ground mechanic commence pushback
Ground mechanic start pushback please
Ground mechanic begin pushback please
Ground mechanic commence pushback please
Ground mechanic please start pushback
Ground mechanic please begin pushback
Ground mechanic please commence pushback

To ask ground mechanic to stop push back;

Mechanic stop pushback
ground mechanic terminate pushback
Mechanic end pushback
Mechanic cancel pushback
Mechanic discontinue pushback
Mechanic interrupt pushback
Mechanic abandon pushback
Ground mechanic abort pushback
mechanic stop pushback please
Ground mechanic terminate pushback please
mechanic end pushback please
mechanic cancel pushback please
Ground mechanic discontinue pushback please
mechanic interrupt pushback please
mechanic abandon pushback please
mechanic abort pushback please
mechanic please stop pushback
Ground mechanic please terminate pushback
mechanic please end pushback
mechanic please cancel pushback
Ground mechanic please discontinue pushback
mechanic please interrupt pushback
mechanic please abandon pushback
Ground mechanic please abort pushback

To ask ground mechanic to push left, right or straight back;

Technician Pushback straight
Mechanic Pushback straight back
Technician Pushback left.
Mechanic Pushback to the left.
Technician Pushback right.
Technician Pushback to the right

In all above commands, the word “pushback” can be replaced with “the pushback”, “the push” or simply “push”, to give you countless other options.

To relieve ground mechanic from his duties

Mechanic you may disconnect now.
ground mechanic you may leave now, Thanks.





To use GSX I always ask the Ramp Manager by name  (at Zurich and all Aussie airports its Jane, Simon in UK, Jose at Portugal, there are different Rampies in each region.)


But ensure you get the GSX menu working. I have found sometimes the Coutle goes to sleep. It then needs waking up (restart Coutle)


So, "Jane request boarding/Pushback/Catering/refuelling" , will/should elicit the correct response.


Ground commands are your Mechanic/Technician, not the GSX Ramp Manager.


Hope this helps a bit.


There is always the MCE direct voice link with FSX on screen menus. So if the feature is enabled you could say "select menu item 1..2..3..4..5..6.."  and so on. Always provided Coutle is awake and you have the GSX screen menu up.




David Herky

You Tube at:-


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Addressing the GSX ramp agent by name worked a treat, thank you!!

Dan H

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