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Richard Sennett

P3D Ordered

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Thanks I have unlimited set - but I can try v-sync off but I think that was worse but have to check it again


I have found out since playing with p3d for a while that I only have ftx global and rex4 installed and when I introduce clouds they bring p3d to its knees hope to get some help from Tim on this so far I am impressed with the non blurry terrain which drove me nuts and you have to start up task manger to set affinity to all cores not a big deal but strange you have to do that, so the jury is still out but in time hope these issues will get worked out another thing thing noticed is when you go to the menu system to make changes its feels clunky like laggy - now I have a very high res new asus lcd monitor 27" wide screen 2560 x 1440 wonder if that has something to do with it always tweaking - never ends does it, thought p3d was going to be different and my system should be rocking p3d and it is not - hmmm


Seems to me fsx was open more to changing things to make it better - p3d seems more like it works or it doesn't, not sure as its a bit early but I did spend about 8 hours testing it. 

Rich Sennett


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WOW P3D is amazing


This the future for sure thanks LM



For me it is not just P3D itself...it's the way LM are working everyday to improve P3D.

They talk to us....they listen to us....they don't have that MS "take it or leave" attitude.


Like the old song says, "The future's so bright I have to wear shades".  Well that's not exactly

the way the song goes but you get the idea. :-)



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I purchased V2.1 at the start of the year and after I installed I was like, 'oh well it's kind of the same and my PC doesn't run it overly well' so I literally parked it. I recently had the urge again and noticed V2.2 was out, so having installed that I tried again. This time it really grabbed me, I have to say the improvements have really convinced me that this is the way forward.


I ran the CFG file through the Bojote tool and the performance increase I had was unparalleled, smoothest performance and best graphics I have experienced. So I treated myself to REX 4 and wow what can I say!!!


I am more than pleased with P3D.


By the way I am running an i3 processor, but have an AMD R9 270X (well a pair of them in crossfire config). For such a basic CPU the performance I get far outweighs any expectations I had. 





Why not read some useful tips and tricks - http://forum.avsim.n...22#entry1965722

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Glad it's working out for ya Rich.  I'll switch at some point.  Probably get a new computer at the same time to make all the more worthwhile.


Well there's one less Christmas present on my list this year:


Wife-diamond ring

Oldest daughter-plane ticket to Europe

Youngest daughter-iPhone6, clothes, books

Rich Sennett-PMDG 777-200LR/300ER



Chris Sunseri




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Great comments guys - Bojote tool site is down so I cant try that - anyone no why - at least we count on future upgrades which is nice

Rich Sennett


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WOW P3D is amazing - glad I switched now this is what siming should look like stunning - find menu system bit clunky - slow to react but man no tweaks yet WOW - must have Guys

Glad you liked the post Lee - no OC and its running super other than the wave motion on the screen, I am a happy camper - FTX Global and rex4 loaded looks stunning - looks a lot more realistic than fsx as the cloud shadows  and sun gleam across the water, looked like I was there.  The VC shadows are amazing -This the future for sure thanks LM


Anyone needing excellent settings Rob posted this I used it and looks super duper and using NI also - so nice






Try adding SweetFX.  Even more amazing.

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"Try adding SweetFX.  Even more amazing."


Great thanks Eric

Rich Sennett


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