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Avro RJ 85 wing cover come loose on Take off

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 It's a flap track fairing. More of a concern about it hurting someone or damaging something when hitting the ground if it fell away from the aircraft. Typical media over hype.

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To be honest... The flap mechanism cover (also known as "canoe") is only an aerodynamic fairing. It doesn't support any weight, other than itself.

Also, there's not that many critical systems surrounding it. While certainly not a non-event, this hardly seems a full blown emergency. I'd be surprised if the crew called it a mayday, a PAN PAN is more likely.

I'd like to see the press stop throwing around the term "Emergency landing" whenever they feel like it.. If the aircraft isn't in any immediate danger, you're committing to a precautionary landing. I"do think the "hydraulic pistons flapping in the jetstream" are actually braces, designed to make the canoe move with the flap mechanism.

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Yeah, the "headline" is truly way over the top and totally misleading!

Avro RJ85 Passenger Terror as Plane Wing Falls Off after Take-off from London City Airport

"Plane Wing?" Oh please, do spare me the hyperbole! :rolleyes:

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