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Lionheart Piper Pacer and A2A Cherokee

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Hi All,

I've seen so many great reviews on the A2A Cherokee but don't want to duplicate my hangar with similar models

I have the LH Pacer which seems to be a very nicely modeled plane in terms of FDE and visuals. Only discrepancy I see is the fact that if it is not 100% maxed out with fuel and payload, it climbs at a high rate of speed, which according to RW docs is a bit unrealistic. But other than that the FDE almost seems to have that Majestic Q400 feeling to it- different than anything I've experienced before.

I know the Cherokee comes with all the maintenance stuff where the LH doesn't. But visually the LH is really nice and looks much like the Cherokee being there both Piper AC from close to the same lineage.

Taking away all the maintenance stuff A2A provides, what's the difference between the two in terms of FDE and graphics, or any other major differences that would prompt an LH Pacer owner to plop down the $50 for the Cherokee? I have yet to buy and A2A product. Would really like this Cherokee if it a very different experience. Thanks for your insight.




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Depends on what you are into. Are you into real world serviceability, engine wear that counts? the the A2A is the answer. The A2A is a different league of simulations from the Lionheart PIPER. The Piper is excellent for general low and slow flying - it handles well, you get a multitude of aircraft variations and pain shcemes and the FDE seems close to about right it but it  doesn't simulate the wear and tear systems to the same depth as A2A,


While I don't yet have the A2A Cherokee, I do have their 172 and everything is simulated - piston wear, normal wear and tear on the engine and frame and tires....their flight models perform to real world statistics. Cold starts and too rich starts are all greeted by a stubborn backfiring engine - leaning your mixture plays a real part in engine serviceability...


Graphically - the A2A 172 is very good as is the Lionheart Piper. hard to choose between the two really imho.

If you can afford it I would suggest both products are worth purchasing for those different experiences

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