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Ex-USAF Pilot Helps FO Land

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I did watch the interview, first I hope the captain recovered and is going to be ok. It was a great team effort and everyone deserves to be praised (crew, medical assistance, and the military pilot for assisting the FO)


One thing that bothers me a bit is how the press paints the picture that the "pilot" had a medical emergency and that a passenger helped landing the plane.


The military pilot was very humble and pointed out that all he did was assist the FO with radio and checklists, the FO flew the plane. It is part of our training to handle emergencies, and both "pilots" are qualified to handle such issues.  I was taken back by how the journalist made it look like the FO was perhaps not capable of handling this problem, it is not the first time a member of the flight crew is incapacitated.


I am not trying to dismiss the credits the military pilot deserves for offering his help, it was very gracious of him to get up there and help the FO out, and I would definitely appreciate someone offering their help if I am on a flight and faced with the same issue.


 I have a problem with how the press is not explaining to the public that there is a flight crew in the cockpit,(not just a "pilot").


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This is completely on point. There's such a misunderstanding of the public that FO's are basically unqualified 'helpers'. It's sad to see. A fresh-out-of IOE FO may be slightly behind the aircraft as they get used to the pace of operations, but put a few months under their belt and situations like this can be handled efficiently and effectively by them. If you read between the lines this story is proof. The media, all outlets, especially of late CNN, try to inflate, exacerbate, and dramatize the situation beyond what was really going on. 


I'm not trying to downplay the role this gent had in this, it's good to add someone to your task management in this type of situation if able. I just can't stand the stigma that the media continues any chance they get. I just hope that simmers and aspiring pilots (as well as the public, but far chance) out there realize this point. 

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There's such a misunderstanding of the public that FO's are basically unqualified 'helpers'.


Excellent point.  And while recognizing that everyone involved did a great job, I find myself wondering idly why reporters (and some of the commenters here) seem to find it necessary to point out that there was a "female FO."  Is that relevant?  Would anyone make a point of saying that there was a "male FO"?  Or an African American or Christian or Jewish FO or what have you?  People seem to want to build a narrative that the FO was somehow helpless and in distress and in need of rescue... as opposed to being a fully qualified line pilot doing her job.  It's a bit sad.  

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