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Reality XP and Simflyer GPS

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I'm looking at the Reality XP GPS and Simflyer GPS for FSX.


My question regarding these products is:  Are they kept up-to-date with the most current GPS approaches installed?


The default FSX GPS-500 hasn't been updated since 2006 so it's missing many approaches now in use.



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Reality XP uses the garmin trainer, and is basically a exact rendition of the GNS.   Yes the database is very old, however one nice feature I like about is labels.   You can see road, lake, river, mountain names among many others.


The Simflyer version is a souped up FSX version, so it uses the built in fsx airport database, like the FSX version does.  So its limited to the approaches, navaids, etc... that are added to FSX.   Not sure you can add approaches to fsx database.


I still love my Reality-XP version for it doing just about what the real thing does .. minus actually grabbing the sattelites. The database is old, I know, though there is a way to uipdate the database a few years newer grabbing the datafile from a newer GNS trainer...


So if you update the afcad, the Simflyer version does reflect runway changes etc..  however, again, its limited to fsx data.  With the Reality XP version, you get a very faithful reproduction, as it runs off the real trainer software.   Though both databases are limited quite a bit.  

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There is data out there for RXP


PM me if you can't find it

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