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Change Active Com Radio

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Hi all,


I am starting to use VATSim with PMDG 747-400.


I'm wondering how to I switch between Com1 and Com2 as the active radio and/or hear both radios at the same time?


Just to be clear, I know how to flip between active and standby frequencies so that is not a problem.  What I want to do is switch from Com1, Com2, and Both.  I think in default aircraft in FSX there is a button you can switch to which Com radio you will hear (or "Both"), but in PMDG 747  I couldn't figure this out and the manual doesn't seem to tell me either.


Also can I control which of the two com radios I will transmit on?


Whilst we're about it, is there a way to change the balance of the voice (coms) channel versus the background sounds in the PMDG aircraft?  I am finding that the Vatsim voice communications are difficult to understand because of the background cockpit noise.


TIA for any help


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Hi Patrick,


The PMDG 747 doesn't simulate anything that is not standard in FSX radio comms. So it doesn't fully simulate comms controls like the real 747. Also, the manual only shows you how to tune the radios. However just aft of the radio control panel (which tunes the radios) is the comms box. This controls what radio you transmit on and which channels you listen to. At the front are a row of six black mic selector buttons then a row of six grey audio selection knobs.


The audio selection knobs are labelled VHF L, VHF C, VHF R, FLT, CAB, and PA. VHF L is equivalent to COM1 and VHF R to COM2. Only VHF L and VHF R controls are active. To monitor VHF R you have to select the associated grey audio select knob. A light illuminates in front of the knob to show it is monitoring that radio. Select it again to stop monitoring VHF R. You can listen to VHF L and VHF R at the same time.


To transmit on COM2 you must select the mic selector button for VHF R. The legend MIC illuminates on the button for the selected channel. VHF L (COM1) transmission is automatically disabled. Select VHF L to transmit on that radio again.


Of related interest, at the rear of the comms box are the selectors which allow you to monitor VOR, ADF, ILS and Marker idents.

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