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Several problem with Panel Builder

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I've just started using Panel Builder, but I'm having some difficulties with it.


- I cant find several important gauges, I think they're named differently than I'm used to. This concerns an Oil Quantity, an EPR and an EGT with green/yellow/red scaling. Also in the EFIS pack, I'm missing a digital

  VS gauge.


- The green/yellow/red scaling from the Oil Temperature gauge is turned around to yellow/green/red and I cant find how to adjust them to the right order.


- I cant seem to find how to setup the Fuel Flow gauge. The gauge in the VC has a PPH x1000 scale in 12 steps, with 10 seperations, but either in GPH or kg/h, I cant find anything that matches the scaling of the

  VC gauge, everything that comes close to the actual reading clutters the whole panel builders gauge with text and makes it unreadable.


- The Fuel Quantity gauges dont repsond to the Quantity Test option.


- I cant find how to assign the N2 gauges to the right engine. They both work for the No1 engine and I cant assign one to the No2 engine.


- The RMI2 that says in it's description that it's meant for NDB and VOR, only has VOR settings and I cant find how to make them usable for NDB.


- I cant find an Airspeed Indicator that seems to match the function/scaling for the Boeing 737-200. I tried different types, but non seems to get to a usable result.


- From the EFIS pack, the shape of the Artificial Horizon and the HSI dont match the shape of any of the frames. How do I adjust one to the other?


- I cant find where the created panels are saved to and I would like to make a back-up for when it might happen I need to do a reinstal.


- And this one in particuller is quite a problem for me. Due to my autism I'm also dealing with a slight case of OCD and I find several problems that trigger my 'ticks'. For example, the size of screws from comparable

  gauges adjusted to the same size, differ from eachother. Also from the EFIS pack, the Artificial Horizon isnt cut straight, the bottom is wider than the top. And there are more.

  Can it be my download got bugged? Or whatever is wrong, is there any way to adjust this?


- And I found a bug. The Nav1 radio is named COM1.


Some help fixing these problems would be much appreceated. :)

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All instruments are of a 'generic' nature, meaning that you might not find an exact match to a particular aircraft type you are trying to build a panel for. You'll have to find the closest match.


The EFIS VS is called 'EFISVerticalSpeed' at is towards the end of the list.

We currently do not have an Oil Quantity gauge.

Our EGT Gauge doesn't have any adjustable color ranges right now.

We always welcome requests for new gauges or changes to existing gauges.


Any aircraft specific functions like test buttons etc.will very likely not be available unless they update the gauges.


Many instruments have a settings menu. After starting the panel you right click on an instrument and choose the settings menu option. This is also where you assign which engine an instrument is linked to.


To adjust the size of an instrument you left click on an instrument and use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the [+] and [-] keys on your numeric keyboard.


The EFIS Artificial Horizon is exactly square. Maybe your monitor is not adjusted correctly (keystone correction?).


RMI2 shows the direction to the the NDB station your ADF is tuned to. The second arrow (green) show the direction to a VOR station from your NAV1 or 2 Radio. This is configurable. I'm not sure what else you need.


All panels are saved in folder under C:\Users\[your username here]\AppData\Roaming\simplugins\PanelManagerPRO and start with Panel_.... 


Different instruments might have different mounting screws, just like in the real world.


The NAV1 radio label has been already changed. I'm not sure what version this has been fixed. If not, it will definitively be in the next update.


Hope that answers your questions.

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I understand that not every gauge from every aircraft is in the package, that would be pratically impossible. I'm not looking for exact matches, but for a 'functional' match.

For instance with the Airspeed indicator, every model I tried sets the scale equal for the whole range, but like the Boeing 737-200 the scale is wider until 200KTS and smaller above. The upper limit is 360, but if I set 360 as upper limit, 200KTS is halfway the scale (at the bottom of the gauge), instead of 3/4th of the scale. That's a difference of 90 degrees, which makes the first part up until 200 very small to work with. The airspeed indicators work perfectly for every smaller aircraft I tried them on, but maybe an idea to add one that matches the functionality of older Boeing types in the next version?


I indeed found the EFIS VS 'ribbon', but I meant something that matches the functionallity of the B1900D, an analog style gauge which can set a bug for the required virtical speed.


I've found the settings menu of the gauges, only for the N2 gauges there is no engine setting. The settings I find are:

- Display Range

- Calculation Vallues (X-plane only)

- Color Arc

So I'm not sure how to change the assigned engine here.


I found how to adjust the size of items, that is not what I meant. What I mean is that for example, the HSI from the EFIS pack is almost square and the field in the frame with is quite a bit higher then it is wide, so you get a lot of empty space above and underneeth the HSI. Also the hight of the AH and HSI together takes up quite some space hightwise and if I make both fit in the same frame, they leave big black borders on the sides. Putting each in their own frame and match them in width, leaves big black borders on top and underneeth. in Either case, it looks rediculas... So my question was how to adjust the shape of the frames to match the shape of the items you put in them. Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but to me this seems like a very logical adjustment.


At first I created a couple of panels with an older version, then I updated it and I think the first version of the AH was still there. I now deleted the first AH and put in a new one, and this one is okay.


I understand the logic of the RMI gauge now. I didnt see an ADF setting, so I thought it wasnt there.


I also found the saved panels, thanks.

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The instruments were designed with mainly GA and small jets in mind.


The EFIS VS gauge has a bug for for the selected Autopilot rate. As I said before, the EFIS instruments are more generic and were not intended to match a specific aircraft type.


What N2 instrument are you referring to? All N instruments have an engine setting.


You can overlap instruments, there is no need to leave empty spaces around EFIS instruments. Here is an example:

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The N2 gauge is the RPMhelo, but I also tried the other one, but it has the same settings.

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RPMHelo is for single Turbine Helicopters,  RPMHeloTwin is for Twin Turbine Helicopters. No Engine Setting is required.



What do you mean by 'the other one'/ Please clarify so I can help.

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The RPMhelotwin, those are the only two N2 gauges.


But if those are for helicopters, which N2 gauges are for aircrafts?

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We will have a configurable N2 gauge (just like the N1) in the next update coming shortly. We are just finishing the update.

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