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Try to travel beyond the FBO 500 miles/km familiar zone....

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...we all tend to start a flight within our own 500 mile or KM, radius familiar zone...lift off, and touch the number...within that zone...and truly we miss out on the rest of P3D's offerings...and 3PD's whatever's.


Over the last few days, I have had a great back and forth forum conversation over a few threads with Spirit_66 who resides in:



...and due to those conversations, decided to visit the airport resident in that beautiful city, nestled against mountain ranges, and as a result, have decided to dwell in Thailand, and fly from one end of the country to the other...from North so South, from East to West...the interior, as well as the gorgeous islands of the South.


I am having a Renaissance of sorts...and have made a commitment to get out of my 500 mile self-imposed, flight path 'rut'.  ORBX-G and other world scenery developers is just that...WORLD...and within P3D, FSX, XPX, and is all there...whatever platform you patronize,.... It's all's all there,...and you only have to set your flight planner to find that valley, you have never seen, that mountain range, you have never seen, that river have never seen.


Have fun...and let me encourage you to plan a flight...somewhere xxxxxxx miles from where you actually live in RL.  For myself...I have learned (I always go live, and Google any place that I have chosen to fly over...but have not had much knowledge of.  I know that Europeans DO consider Southern Thailand as a premier tourist and get-away destination...and actually had my wife peek over my shoulder, as I explored after my virtual visit... (She shrugged, patted me on the shoulder...lovingly rolled her eyes...and said) ..... "that this flight simming...keeps getting more expensive moment-by-moment...and that I might not be able to retire, etc...etc..."  


Gawd, I love that woman!  :P


...but I am now interested in perhaps after retirement...seeing what all the fuss is about at the Southern part of Thailand. It looks fabulous...and I like......'fabulous!'.  All because I decided to rev the imagination, via my virtual flight in Thailand!   Life, is always what you make it....virtually, as well as actually.   So...load up a flight from Chiang Mai "the Northern Rose"...and take in the virtual beauty of Thailand...and think of Yul Brynner,...and in his name...have a flight or three....


Watch out, Spirit_66...the virtual sky could become somewhat crowded.....!!!  :unsure: 


To all those Avsim buds from Thailand....salute from The Great Lakes of North  America!




Thailand Roamer....  aka,  Sesquashtoo

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Sesquashtoo, on 05 Jul 2014 - 11:51 AM, said:

...we all tend to start a flight within our own 500 mile or KM, radius familiar zone...lift off, and touch the number...within that zone...and truly we miss out on the rest of P3D's offerings...and 3PD's whatever's.

That sentence does not at all apply to me. I am German. My favorite flying area is New Zealand, just at the opposite side of the World.


While ORBX still needs some time to get their NI/SI Prepar3d2 ready, I have fun with VLC scenery plus several Godzone and freeware products. Besides, I like to fly in the NA + AUS regions, just where the scenery fun is. I am only flying VFR.


This is not only based on the fact that NZ is a really beautiful country, but that Germany has been stronly neglected in Flightsim in general and notably in Prepar3d2 over the last years. I just hate to take off from my local airport EDBJ and see all that very generic and even just improper redition of the region around me. And I am not speaking abut looking for my street or house. There are quite extended areas filled with plainly inadequate landclass  Maybe ORBX OpenLC Europe will improve that, but my hopes are rather moderate.


And, no, I am not into importing all that old and partly even outdated Aerosoft FSX stuff into Prepar3d2. Did it twice, ended in CTD land twice. That was enough.


It's a real shame given the portion of flightsimmers living in Germany.


Kind regards, Michael

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