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Orbix Rocky Mountains Leg 3 - - Salmon &Snake, Rivers & Mountains

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Orbx Rocky Mountains Leg 3 -  - Salmon & Snake, Rivers & Mountains


This Leg of the Rocky Mountain tour features bush flying into primitive airstrips in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.  Short airstrips, steep canyon approaches, and density altitude will provide many challenges to the participating pilots.




The route starts at Challis (KLLJ) and proceeds 26 miles to our first backcountry airstrip Upper Loon Creek USFS (U72).   The entire leg is only 167nm but will include landings or touch and go’s at 18 airstrips before finishing in McCall (KMYL).   The airports in order are:


U72   Upper Loon Creek USFS

ID67  Lower Loon Creek

12ID  Flying B Ranch Landing Strip (Touch & Go)

U54   Bernard USFS

85U   Soldier Bar USFS

09ID  Taylor Ranch Landing Area (Touch & Go)

I08     Cabin Creek USFS

I98D  Vines Airstrip (Touch & Go)

I97D  Mile Hi Airstrip

I99D  Dewey Moore Airstrip

U81   Cold Meadows USFS

U79   Chamberlain USFS

A05   Dixie USFS

ID76  Wilson Bar USFS (Touch & Go)

ID28  Mackay Bar

3U1   Warren USFS

24K   Krassel USFS

ID93  Reed Ranch

KMYL         McCall Mun






Recommended Scenery: Orbx FTX Central Rocky Mountains (CRM) Regional Scenery


Recommended Aircraft: Cessna C-185 or favorite STOL bush capable aircraft.


Time: Saturday Jul 12, 19:00 UTC


Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel


Teamspeak Server Address:


Multiplayer FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)


The digital flightplan (in FSX format) and links to youtube videos of actual landings at the route airports available from the DropBox location here.

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Goll--eee, miss Daisy! That shore looks exahtin'. :blink:

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It sure duz der hey!   :wacko:


Here is the plan on a "Great Falls" sectional. Remember to go here and give us your aeroplane title so we can see each other.


Jeff - Thanks for the video links! Gett'n scared! 


Really hope to make this one. Being summer n'all it's becoming difficult.

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Looks to be a challenge. At what temperature does aluminum burn?



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At what temperature does aluminum burn?


Being a chemist, I couldn't leave that one alone! Opinion is somewhat divided as to whether aluminium (or even aluminum) really burns, but sometimes an ignition temperature of 650 C is quoted for the solid metal. Useless piece of information for you!


Anyway, I'm away on holiday this weekend and next so I'll see you all again in a few weeks.


I've flown something like this route before so I know there are some fun and challenging strips on the way. Hope you all have a fun flight, I'll be watching for the damage reports!

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Nick - No damage!  It went quite well considering the difficulty.
Hey guys, I was all hyped after spending the morning @ 9WS2 during the monthly fly-in breakfast.. Fun times except this time I forgot my camera and this is what showed up. (amongst others)
NC237E 1940 Cessna C-165 In hangar undergoing engine rebuild < 25psi on 3 cylinders!
N110041 1964 Citabria Champion
N6858A 1956 Cessna 172
NC85747 1946 Aeronca
N480P 1953 Beech C-45H "Lady Lynn" previously, a 1940 AT-11 as 42-36980
NC34351 1943 Meyers OTW-160 all the way from California.
A 1937 SR-4C Stinson "Gullwing" (No N number) currently under a full rebuild in hangar after a crash in 1939 - IT IS GORGEOUS! 2 more years.
N6924A 1956 Cessna C-172
N3288A 1953 Cessna C-170B Our Host!  :p0504:


Anyhow the C-185 mods are up on TS "Casual Flights" channel.  "..... C-185 mods.pdf"  Hope to get some pics up within the next few days.. It will take that long to "unwind" from todays flight.. Lets do it backwards!!! JK

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Here are some screenshots from Saturdays EPIC flight from the "Land of no Return".
No room @ (U72) Upper Loon Creek. No harm in using the road.

Craig coming in nicely in the RV-7A,,, until.


Craig suddenly disappears! Mike on short final in the Super Cub 210.


Mike prior to touchdown... Ahh there's Craig. It looks like a nose wheeled equipped aircraft just isn't going to work.


Trying to find room @ (ID67) Lower Loon Creek.


Mike, Ron and Jeff arriving in unison @ (12ID) Flying B Ranch.


Turned around and ready to go @ (85U) Soldier Bar USFS.


At (I99D) Dewey Moore Airstrip, wiping the sweat away, letting the nerves calm a bit & discussing how in the world we all made it into this treacherous little camping area.


Here is a little video made by our "own" Great Ozzie a few years back, doing the same route from (I98D) Vines.

Ready for departure for (U81) Cold Meadows USFS. Using the I99D.CREEK standard instrument departure. "At Big Creek, Turn LEFT!".


Tagging along behind Jeff to (U81) Cold Meadows USFS.


On final @ U81.


Ron on final @ (A05) Dixie.


Mike on Final @ (A05) Dixie, almost home.


I think Mike had the right choice using the 210HP Super Cub. Showing us how it's done @ (ID68) Mackay Bar.

Homeward bound behind Ron in the Beaver.


Lead me home.


The 185s made it! Uh Hum,,, 1 had a little more HP. Good job Jeff gettting it through being normally aspirated!


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I was in the Quest Kodiak, not a RV-7, and still getting acquainted with the power settings.  The nose wheel was not the problem...and once I got the hang of things with beta I could land it in the proverbial "three yards and a cloud of dust" (borrowing from the Packers' ground game  :lol: ).

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For the record, I wasn't in a float Beaver. As for Rob's video, was I alone in trying to peer over the hood? :lol:

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@ Craig - I thought you started out in an RV then switched over to the Kodiak after the first leg - Oh well.. :lol: 


@ Ron - You bet.. Didn't have time to alias you to something else but in respect to "Mother Nature" I commented out the "sparks". No need to start a forest fire, they have enough problems with fire as it is..


BTW will not be able to make this weekends flight. Our EAA chapter (651) is hosting the B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" this weekend @ KGRB, going to work crowd control, tickets & such.      

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...going to work crowd control,


Take a big stick whichoo Pauli. (Sorry, been watching Sopranos back to back)

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I started off in the Maule7/260, which didn't have enough squirrels to get over one of the first few ridge lines.  Restarted in the Kodiak, which made the altitude issue moot.  Proper application of technology.

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