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Hi Folks

Following occurred on Windows 7.


Hadn't been in multiplayer for quite some time, (> 6 months),
and even longer since last using voicecomms mic/headphones.

Investigating missing aircraft from Hangar,
following Stonelance's info request,
when 2 players unexpectedly joined my session.

No response to my in-game text messages,
but noticed 1 player using voicecomms, (icon was active in LLHC of window),

Dug out headset from drawer, and tried untangling cable/plugs,
meantime crediting profile with yet another destroyed airframe,   :lol:
then attempted to voice communicate.

For all aspects throughout,
Control Panel's Playback Volume/Recording Level indicators
test mechanisms indicated both playback & recording levels as being OK.

Game sounds were reasonably leveled,
but voicecomm's volume was extremely low.
I could just hear that the player was speaking,
but not loud enough to discern what was being said.


I then tried the following, and for each adjustment,
returned to in-game flight, to test whether 3rd party could hear me -
- Initially tried W7 System Tray's mixer/volume controls, with no appreciable difference.
- Tried adjusting FLIGHT's OPTIONS AUDIO menu, same result.
- Tried adjusting LIVE settings, again similar.
  LIVE's Voice test-panel confirmed mic was working ok,
  albeit requiring slightly higher volume of speech than normal.
- Tried in-game, but other player couldn't hear me.
- Tried Control Panel's Sound applet, again same.
- Restarted both 'audio' and 'audio endpoint builder', with same results.
- Disabled/renabled audio device, again same results.
- Repeated restart for audio/audio endpoint builder, again same.
- Repeated LIVE's voice configuration & tests, again still same low level.
- Tried adjusting FLIGHT's OPTIONS AUDIO menu.

In all cases,
despite maxing vols/mic-sensitivity/etc,
none of previous would improve/increase audio levels for -
- Bar-Graphs to display > 2 of 10
- Other player to even hear that I was talking, (versus open mic).

Then it clicked -
I remembered that, since my last FLIGHT voicecomms session,
I'd played with, & configured W7's native 'Speech Recognition'.


Launched control-panel's SR applet,
performed its mic-test, which supposedly passed ok,
but suspiciously, the bar-graph showed almost 99% speech in yellow band,
i.e. way too low.

Repeatedly tried several adjustment options,
none of which improved microphone's response.

Tried the 'Advanced Speech Options' applet,
and its various 'Microphone' config buttons,
which initially did nothing new, till I clicked 'Advanced',
and switched from 'Use Preferred Audio Device', to 'Use This Audio Device'.

Whatever it was,

Clicking Apply 'unlocked' the sensitivity & boost aspects,
permitting adjustment, and resulting appropriate microphone sensitivity.
Clicking OK, unexpectedly initiated a required reboot, (my apologies JH for session closure).

Bottom line -
Your 'Speech Recognition' configuration profile settings
apparently take precedence,

overriding your microphone sensitivity settings.


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I had this problem today as well, never got to the end of it..my Mic was working but Jack H. couldn't hear anything at his end!

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I, too, had this problem. Thank you, Paul, I shall try your solution.


Best regards.


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Hi Folks


I had this problem today as well, never got to the end of it..

my Mic was working

but Jack H. couldn't hear anything at his end!


a common factor.


I blame Jack H.    :lol:




Just kidding.

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I blame Jack H.  too  :lol: I going to put a contract out on him! :ph34r:  :LMAO:

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Explains why many game-players avoid in-game communications and stick to team-speak and etc

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