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Tower can't hear my acknowledgement od T.O clearance

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I use MCE a lot and getting better everyday. My problem:


I request takeoff & Tower clears me for takeoff fine. When I go to acknowledge clearance the ATC menu clears as if it got my transmission, but will ask me to acknowledge again, and again. Can anybody give me a takeoff clearance acknowledgement that will work. I have the JC Baily guide next to me. Thank you in advance



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This sounds like your reply has not been heard.


I  never normally request specific clearance for take off from Radar Contact v4.
Normal sequence,  is;-
1.  (callsign) taxi and hold runway xxx
2.  (callsign) runway xxx line up and wait
3.  (callsign) winds cleared for take off.
My reply is always "Cleared for take off (call sign)"
Here are a couple of examples.

First one from +7.30 the sequence may be followed......

Second example shows the MCE First Officer acknowledging clearance, right at the start of the video. This is MCE FO with full radio control, so he does not require any prompting from me.


If you look at the other videos on the channel they are all using Radar Contact v4. Some with MCE RC4 FO in command of the radios, some are with myself using PTT.


The sequence may vary if you are using another ATC.





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It depends very much about the wording you use. I noticed myself that when I keep it short it works better:

"Clear for takeoff runway 02Centre Singapore 239" may not be "heard" by ATC whereas

"Clear for takeoff Singapore 239" will get through all the time


Keep in mind that the guide was made from what the MCE manual included as possible sentences, but your experience is what should prevail and after trying a few proposed combinations you will probably only use half of these.


Happy flying!

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The newest update fixed it for me. Thanks everybody for you help.

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