ATC Background Chatter Files

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What If pseudo code 

; variables 

FileToPlay=Array of Chars[5]; 

Int NumFilesInFolder

Using Integers,  FolderNums are:

Clearance=folder(0),DepGnd=folder(1),DepTower= folder(2),Departure=Folder(3),Tracon1=Folder(4),Tracon2=Folder(3),etc,etc,Arrival=Folder(n), ArrivTwr=Folder(n+1),ArrvalGnd=folder(n+2).


FileToPlay(1)T or F to be assigned  name of “ABP” (Already been played) to be converted to Bool?;

FileToPlay(2-4) is int up to 999;if Len(FileToPlay(2-4)<3,pad with leading “0s” to equal 3 chars so we can use Abs(STR2NUM(Mid(FileToPlay(3,3)))) to extract proper file integer



1. For each loop counting number of ATC folders=NumFolders 

A.For each loop through each NumFolder counting files=NumFilesInFolder

B..DO for each file in each folder assign in CHAR array( ABP, NumFolders,NumFilesInFolder);

1. ABP initially set to “F”


Program Run( Pilot2ATC)

C. for next loop

Generate rnd(NumFilesInFolder)+1

1. Check for ABP(left(FileToPlay(1);

2. playing appropriate next ATC file;if NOT ABP ; after playing, set file ABP to “T”

a. Set above ABP  To “T” and PlayedFiles to PlayedFiles +1

b. If PlayedFiles(in each folder) == NumFiles-1, reset PlayedFiles to 0

check for folder(n) for proper ATC folder , go to right FolderNum, and do it all again


— E.G. 

1.check for appropriate ATC FOLDER

Example of FileToPlay(3T123)= Deptarture,“ABP” (Already been played-SKIP to file 124-

If 124’s ABP NOT “T” , play it and set ABP to “T”) 



 I know there are more than several errors AND typos in my logic, but I think you get the idea; which is: maximized random play from each ATC folder without repeating until all files in each ATC folder are played, then auto-looping infinitely.


Forgive my old fart faulty coding memory

If it makes no sense, then as Emily Litella and APG Fak Checker, Dingus said, 




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On 8/12/2017 at 10:49 AM, Dave-Pilot2ATC said:


The files are played in sequence out of the folders.  If you have 100 files in a folder, the first time you select that controller, you might get files 1 through 15.  The next time you select that controller, you should get 16 through xxx.  By the time you get to 100, you're supposed to have forgotten file 1.

If the files were played randomly, there's a much better chance of getting the same file played multiple times while on a frequency with that controller.  Of course, the assumption is that with the Controllers option, you have a large number of files in each folder.


Just to add to this older thread, while we are working on the clips for X-ATC-Chatter we are counting on them being played in order so that a you will hear calls to the same aircraft in order. As an example you might hear multiple taxi instructions for United 6626 then a hand-off to tower. If it was random you would miss that.

One thing I did think of is with the files we are doing they are all pretty short, one exchange between the pilot and ATC. Some of the clearance exchanges can get long but the others are short. One option for Pilot2ATC might be the ability to tell Pilot2ATC to NOT interrupt a chatter playback for calls to the pilot. Not a big deal but might be nice for the future at some point.



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