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changing the viewpoint then using trackir resets the spot via center, workaround?

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I've been trying to set a few of my aircraft's initial position via the keyboard commands, like control + enter or other keyboard combos to move the eyepoint back some and down (with a 1.0 zoom on triple screens)..


I've found that as soon as you pick up the trackir and use it, it will recenter back to before the eyepoint was changed (when you hit the center button for trackir).


I'm thinking that something needs changed in the aircraft.cfg file, but i'm not 100% positive which file and what to change (how to know the correct value).


That is, i think in aircraft.cfg under [Views] there is something like eyepoint=-3, -0.85, 1.9

Even though the view in the sim has been changed using control + enter or other combinations, i dont think the aircraft.cfg changes its values..   So i'm thinking that the only way to change this in the aircraft.cfg is via trial and error..


Hence, I've read some use EZCA to get around this and save states with the editor, which maybe does the same thing as changing the aircraft.cfg, except its whats you see is what you get (wysiwyg)

In either case, i think the change made to the aircraft.cfg should then make the recenter via trackir go back to the exact center defined in the cfg


(I dont think i ever got EZCA to work quite right, at least in a previous version of p3d, complained about not finding the fsx process, unless this implies having to run in legacy mode, which i'm avoiding at this point)


Any thoughts out there on this one..


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Did some more testing with p3d v2.3.. i simply could not get ezca to work.. it would come up, the view would change accordingly, but things like the middle button on the mouse wouldnt work, nor would edit mode (num pad + 2).. after exiting edit mode the program would die because it couldnt write to the roaming folder for the aircraft ini file (all rights were set correctly, attempted running both p3d and ezca as admin to no avail)..


So this was a bust..


So i dug into aircraft.cfg files.. tried changing the eyepoints manually under [views].. this works, except it seems certain aircraft revert the zoom ratio back to say 0.70 or whatever value on each load.. i tried various entries under views to try to force the zoom to be 1.0 in my case, but none would stick





Under the camera sections of aircraft.cfg i thought i could set the zoom in here, but there wasnt a matching camera section for the virtual cockpit view, in this case the p92 eaglet.


So short of saving a flight, unclear on how to force a certain zoom level for each aircraft..

EDIT: There is also the cameras.cfg file in the roaming folder, which does have the initialzoom setting under virtual cockpit..  changing this did not override the flt save nor did it override just launching a new situation from scratch

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