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Hi everyone,

so 90% of the time I use payware aircraft that have some type of FMC, but in some aircraft, like Carenado's phenom, the navigation system is a G1000, so in PFPX I will create a flightplan and export it to the MSFX folder. Inside FSX I will load this plan up in the flight planner page, but once its loaded, half of my fixes aren't even loaded. Why is this and is there anyway for it to load exactly what I have planned in PFPX. 


Incase I am not being clear, lets say I have planned a departure with the final fix of the departure being CPT VOR, and then the plan follows with various fixes and VORs. When I load this into the FSX planner, it will leave out a bunch of the vital fixes and just skips straight to the CPT VOR for instance.Very frustrating.


If anybody knows of a solution, i'd love to hear it :)


P.S. i was just using pfpx as an example of the tool i use, but it does this with any prior planner i use.



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