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Guest happy2

Messed up graphics

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Guest happy2


Sorry if i am in the wrong forum but this seemed to be the right place.

I have just started to get some graphics problems with my fsx its not CTD but it might as well be. I have been running fsx on this machine for over a year with a ton of add-ons with no problems.

last weekend I set off on a flight and as usual I am going in and out of full screen to see if I need to speak to ATC etc. & bang !!. black sky with smuged grownd textures but nothing els no plane no buildings just nothing, this is new I thought & since then its going down hill so I could really do with some help.

The symptoms start if I do anything to temporarily get a black screen like setting crash detection on in realism
& clicking OK, while i am doing all that the fsx window is blacked out ( normal ) but after OK is clicked to get back into the sim with the new setting all the graphics are messed up please see photos./I have tried installing the drivers that came this the graphics card I have also swiped the OS with a anti virus ( & did find some nasty s I caught recently  but now I am clean ).

tonight I thought I had it sorted but I went to windowed mode to start active sky next as I forgot Again & when I went back to full screen it blows up again, I am pulling all the OS updates out from the last month to see if that helps if not I will be forced into a full OS reinstall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated




OS windows 7 64 bit

MOBO      asus sabertooth x79  walter cooled

CPU         intel i7 3820

HD           segate 1tb win os disk

HD           samsung ssd 840 evo 120gb for xplane

HD           samsung ssd 60 gb for fsx

memory   16gb quad G skill f3 14900cl9

asus geforce gtx 680 2gb


i cant show a screen shot the forum wont let me ?

But i have uploaded a short video to youtube here is the link, i know it looks like i am going from windowed to full screen a lot, but some times it will only take one go and it'l do it.

the vid shows the problem at 2:40




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Hi Tim,


You certainly are having issues. I agree it is no fun to be messing with bad graphics.


I will give it the first try to explain what you are doing wrong. Appreciate the opportunity to try and resolve all of your problems. This is not the right forum for these types of discussions but we'll leave it for now. You really would get the best advice from the FSX Forum.


First, you have to start up ASN first and then the sim. I think you know that. This may or may not be causing your issues. I do not have the expertise to tell you whether ASN will destroy graphics if not started up first or not. Still, if you have problems, it is good to follow the proper procedures.


The video appears to show graphics memory starvation. Constantly changing scenes will take up a huge amount of memory and the more you do it the harder it is for your graphics card to render. I think I saw one memory spike showing in one scene. I did not see any black sky or "smudged ground textures" (this is called the blurries) but it probably exists. The blurries are caused by high FSX settings and/or tweaks in your FSX.cfg. In order for your video card to work properly, you have to give it time to render. If you have your settings at the highest in most cases, then your video card is going to have to work much harder to call up and then render each texture. As you move around in the cockpit or from different spot views, more and more textures have to be called up and rendered when it still hasn't finished with the previous jobs of rendering. So, you are not being fair to FSX by throwing as many resources at it as possible.


For graphics anomalies, make sure you have the following parameter in the Graphics section of your fsx.cfg:




This is not a tweak but a fix to FSX.


I do not know what video recorder software you are using to record your flights but most are memory hogs. That program alone is consuming memory. Why are you constantly changing scenes? IMHO, changing scenes frequently in a flight video is not very realistic anyway. Most people stay inside the VC and look around during the flight and very rarely show spot views. If you stay inside the VC, then you won't see those nasty textures outside the aircraft!! Whenever in spot view make sure you hit the minus key at least 4 times to give a more realistic view of the area. Setting the zoom factor to 100% is not very realistic, especially for photoscenery or commercial airport scenery.


Whenever you are having graphics issues, the best advice is to rebuild your fsx.cfg, change the resolution of your monitor, and maybe move a couple of sliders but be very careful doing this, add the graphics fix above, and go fly. Stay away from tweaks unless you are a computer expert and know exactly what that tweak is doing to FSX and why. If you are just throwing tweaks into your config just because some others have them, then you are looking for major issues and your flight simulation experiences will not be as exciting as they have been for me and for many others.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

Jim Young | AVSIM Online! - Simming's Premier Resource!

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Guest happy2

hello Jim

thank you for the reply ,yes I agree with all you have said but let me explain.

the reason I was going in and out of the flight deck was to get the symptoms to show its self as I new it would look the same as my problem. I can get this affect with just 1 trip outside the sim to check a flight plan or something which of course is annoying.if like me you have one monitor its inevitable to have to go look outside the sim at some point .

unfortunately I get the blurry if I use asn or not. I have taken the add-ons added recently such as yoke pedals airports scenery etc out of the sim.

I took the video with a old video camera sitting on the desk & then uploaded it via sd card to you tube so as to not hog resource.

yes I have done the highmemfix=1 trick.

late last night i removed all the windows updates for September & October from my OS and tried the same test & so far it hasn't gone bang :BigGrin:
sorry to put this in the wrong place i will move the fsx forum
thank you very much for your help

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