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Can you help me determine if I have an audio problem?- Majestic Q400

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I have a pretty strange audio situation and need some help in trouble shooting it.  I recently rebuilt my Sim PC with a fresh install of Windows 7 64 Bit and a full install of P3dV2.4 No FSX.  I have an older Creative X-FI Titanium PCI sound card installed with the latest drivers.  I route my audio signal through a AV receiver and out to a 5.1 speaker set up. Everything seems to be working fine I've configured my speakers and tested them in windows and everything seems normal.  I've ran this setup for several years so I am familiar with setting it up, but that's when I noticed an issue.  It seems like all of my aircraft  audio (engines, start up sequence, flaps , gear etc.) sounds normal but my clicking switches in the VC seem way too faint. This occurs on multiple aircraft and perhaps my imagination but it seems like it's doing it inside of window too (System application sounds)? Moreover I don't hear any interface sounds inside P3d like when selecting the aircraft you want to use or your location.


Here's an example of what I'm hearing perhaps some of you could let me know if I've got an issue or not.Ill use some popular aircraft.  I use EzDoc with all aircraft and can clearly hear the view "snap" sound when changing views as well as the edit chime when pressing #2 on the number pad to edit the view.


Majestic Q400  v1.1011 

Switching views to the overhead almost all of the toggle switches are inaudible such as all of the exterior light switches. Some are barely audible (the engine select switch and Main Bus Tie SW). Same with the Spoilers Flight Taxi Switch and anti Skid Switch on the MIP I can hear them but, they are faint much weaker than what I remember.  Yet when I fire up the engines they come alive in full force.


Similar situation with the IFly B737 and Razbam Metroliner.


Sound is enabled in P3d and all sound sliders (cockpit,engine, environment etc) sliders set to 95%


I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this so I was hoping someone could confirm that they clearly hear switch clicking sounds when flicking the external lights on and off in the Majestic Q400  or the Wiper knobs, recirculation fan and bleed switches?


I am thinking that this issue is on my system and I'll try using the onboard MB sound next as a method of troubleshooting?  Aside from buying a new sound card I'm sort of at a loss on what to try next.


Appreciate any help or advice,



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I do not have that plane. What I can say is the default settings are 50%. You could lower all but cockpit back to default and keep cockpit where you have it at 95. Its true that those different sounds are distributed in different streams, so that you can adjust each one, but in the end they all exit via the same output system.


I guess what I am saying is, I don't think your soundcard is responsible in shorting you decibels in one of the streams.    

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I've tried that already but it didn't help. 


Surely someone can confirm that they can clearly hear switch clicking sounds when flicking the external lights on and off in the Majestic Q400  or the Wiper knobs, recirculation fan and/or bleed switches?

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Good Day Blaze:


Just loaded the MJ400 and can confirm to you that on my system with P3D2.4 and the MJ400 with Patch1010_1011 installed, the switch clicks and recirc fans are loud and clear with the cockpit sound at 40.

Sorry I don't have a solution but at least you know the sounds do exist.




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Raymundo: Thanks I appreciate it!


Gordon:  Will give it a go when I get home tonight.


This may be completely unrelated but I did some troubleshooting and found something that potentially could cause issue, I'll share it here just in case it might  help others having some strange performance issues that defy simple logic. 


When getting the EZCA camera add on to work with P3d (one of the first programs added to my system) it was explained that a faux fsx.exe file needs to be created in the P3d root folder.  Not giving it much thought I simply copied my P3D.exe and renaimed it FSX.exe in order to get the program installed.  The problem is that doing this does not create a fake FSX.exe it's  still an active shortcut and clicking it will launch P3d.  I believe that installing applications after that using the EMT tool created some of these strange issues I was having?  I certainly can't confirm this is the case but once I corrected this by using a truly fake FSX.exe, verified simconnect components, and completed a fresh reinstall it seems to be working fine.

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