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Keven Menard

2014/08/12 - Release of PrecipitFX v1.0 for FSX

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Montreal, Canada
Product: PrecipitFX
Release: August 12th, 0000Z
FSFX Packages is a new way to simulate brand new effects around the different aircrafts and sceneries under interesting environmental conditions. Since Microsoft Flight Simulator X doesn't come bundled with such realistic effects, we had to think out of the box to create this new sens of immersion. In addition to our generic package, and since every aircraft and scenery is different, we decided to develop specific packages for add-ons. This allows us to push the boundaries of what's never been seen before in terms of visual effects!
What’s that?
Therefore, we present our first release: PrecipitFX! What’s that? It is a set of new  realistic textures and effects that will change your flying experience! Indeed, most default effects in FSX are drab and doesn’t look like anything realistic. PrecipitFX will bring your simming experience to new heights with completely revamped contrails, rain and snow textures as well as overhauled effects wheels spray and engine wash effects. 
Where do we take our experience from? FSFX Packages was founded by real-world pilots who were also experience plane-spotters. Therefore, we have experienced first-hand all the effects that we create making them ultra-realistic. Since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator X in 2006, weather effects have seen little to no change at all. We believe it's time to upgrade to a new level of realism!
What’s included?

  • New wheels spray effects under rain and snow conditions
  • Smoke on hard braking
  • New rain and snow textures
  • New contrails
  • New wingtip vortices
  • New engine wash effects under rain and snow conditions

What about performance toll?
Our obsession with details pushed us to design a product easy on system performance. Our upcoming packages will keep the same line of thoughts. With regards to PrecipitFX, you will be able to run this package easily without a significant drop in FPS!
Is it hassle-free installation?
Yes sir! FSFX Packages comes with an easy-to-use installer. It automatically installs  our effects on every aircraft in your sim, no coding required. Furthermore, would you wish to uninstall your whole Flight Simulator X, uninstalling PrecipitFX is one click away.
Where can you get it?
You can buy PrecipitFX form the FSFXPackages website

We have included in this message a link to our media kit. 
You can use any of the pictures in this package.

Keven Menard 
Technical Director, //42

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