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Moving ILS GP antenna?

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Er, help please. I'm pretty new to this and as a beginner, I though I'd start with my local little field. Unfortunately it's Esenboga International Airport, Ankara, Turkey. My problem is that the default ILS furniture comes with all the ILS Glidepath antenna on the wrong side of the runways. How do I move them across?


Other than that it's coming along nicely......Should be finished and uploaded in about 12 years at this rate.


Oh yes, and it would be nice to repaint an OBJ aircraft to put some in stock. Either we have an empty field or about 20 Anadolujet 737-7/800 filling every stand. It looks wrong without a load of our jets sat there.


Any help gratefully received. Got to keep the mind active while sat here on days off and Standby during the Winter.



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Try opening the airport in X-plane, click on location - local map on the toolbar at the top.  

click "edit" on top of this screen, then click on the "GS" box that you want to move.  

change it's location by adjusting the latitude and longitude settings on the left side.  

When you have it where you want it, click on the "GS" box again to un-check it, then click on "edit" again to quit making your adjustments.

When you shut down X-plane, it will ask if you want to save your changes to NAVAID.  Click "yes" and it will save your moves.

I hope this helps... also check out



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