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Random failures setting doesnt save

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Hi, I noticed that my failure settings doesnt seem to save between flights.

I have set the failures to random with 1 failure every 10 hour.


when i start fsx the next time, the failure settings are back to service based failures... is it supposed to be like that?


Im also pretty certain that the service hours resets every time i start fsx as well...


Thanks for the help

/Niklas Eriksson

Niklas Eriksson

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PMDG keeps track of failure run times in the aircraft .ini file located at \PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft.  Check to see if the date/time for the file is being updated at the end of flight after you set failures.


Be sure to run FSX as admin.  An application cannot change files unless it has rights allowed under the Windows nanny security system. I prefer to turn off UAC altogether and always run as admin.

Dan Downs KCRP

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I noticed that after I checked that fsx runs as admin the failure settings still doesnt save...


This is the content of the ln-rre.ini (thats the airplane im flying)

[Failure Groups]
Run Timer.0=168289.066357
Run Timer.1=168289.066357
Run Timer.2=168289.066357
Run Timer.3=168289.066357
Run Timer.4=168289.066357
Run Timer.5=168289.066357
Run Timer.6=168289.066357
Run Timer.7=168289.066357
Run Timer.8=168289.066357
Run Timer.9=168289.066357
Run Timer.10=168289.066357
Run Timer.11=168289.066357
Run Timer.12=168289.066357
Run Timer.13=168289.066357
Run Timer.14=168289.066357
Run Timer.15=168289.066357
[Failure Items]
Run Timer.0=168289.057261 12002011.000000
Run Timer.1=168289.057261 8359949.000000
Run Timer.2=168289.057261 787412.187500
Run Timer.3=168289.057261 1876730.125000
Run Timer.4=168289.057261 6426485.500000
Run Timer.5=168289.057261 5941045.500000
Run Timer.6=168289.057261 92801632.000000
Run Timer.7=168289.057261 2547312.750000
Run Timer.8=168289.057261 123925392.000000
Run Timer.9=168289.057261 24383332.000000
Run Timer.10=168289.057261 15458572.000000
Run Timer.11=168289.057261 7413117.500000
Run Timer.12=168289.057261 25069582.000000
Run Timer.13=168289.057261 66830212.000000
Run Timer.14=168289.057261 69389776.000000
Run Timer.15=168289.057261 125574056.000000
Run Timer.16=168289.057261 116803456.000000
Run Timer.17=168289.057261 53692136.000000
Run Timer.18=168289.057261 63757836.000000
Run Timer.19=168289.057261 38620292.000000
Run Timer.20=168289.057261 89415632.000000
Run Timer.21=168289.057261 96539488.000000
Run Timer.22=168289.057261 33851660.000000
Run Timer.23=168289.057261 33230440.000000
Run Timer.24=168289.057261 90016304.000000
Run Timer.25=168289.057261 46267632.000000
Run Timer.26=168289.057261 30168686.000000
Run Timer.27=168289.057261 66101888.000000
Run Timer.28=168289.057261 59441048.000000
Run Timer.29=168289.057261 105392192.000000
Run Timer.30=168289.057261 180548128.000000
Run Timer.31=168289.057261 212359456.000000
Run Timer.32=168289.057261 103474616.000000
Run Timer.33=168289.057261 66475888.000000
Run Timer.34=168289.057261 43470028.000000
Run Timer.35=168289.057261 36489704.000000
Run Timer.36=168289.057261 47627168.000000
Run Timer.37=168289.057261 34720868.000000
Run Timer.38=168289.057261 29616544.000000
Run Timer.39=168289.057261 20247622.000000
Run Timer.40=168289.057261 20793038.000000
Run Timer.41=168289.057261 27660992.000000
Run Timer.42=168289.057261 23096014.000000
Run Timer.43=168289.057261 8516681.000000
Run Timer.44=168289.057261 4758547.500000
Run Timer.45=168289.057261 112164016.000000
Run Timer.46=168289.057261 108665344.000000
Run Timer.47=168289.057261 101174424.000000
Run Timer.48=168289.057261 118957496.000000
Run Timer.49=168289.057261 113127480.000000
Run Timer.50=168289.057261 144767840.000000
Run Timer.51=168289.057261 23641606.000000
Run Timer.52=168289.057261 27057896.000000
Run Timer.53=168289.057261 50175076.000000
Run Timer.54=168289.057261 28469766.000000
Run Timer.55=168289.057261 92461560.000000
Run Timer.56=168289.057261 65016492.000000
Run Timer.57=168289.057261 208015456.000000
Run Timer.58=168289.057261 260968512.000000
Run Timer.59=168289.057261 217857008.000000
Run Timer.60=168289.057261 6454153.500000
Run Timer.61=168289.057261 5157274.500000
Run Timer.62=168289.057261 2910691.500000
Run Timer.63=168289.057261 6790041.000000
Run Timer.64=168289.057261 2015213.250000
Run Timer.65=168289.057261 3773596.500000
Run Timer.66=168289.057261 3077364.000000
Run Timer.67=168289.057261 1138035.375000
Run Timer.68=168289.057261 1240746.125000
Run Timer.69=168289.057261 31831084.000000
Run Timer.70=168289.057261 34020616.000000
Run Timer.71=168289.057261 32477194.000000
Run Timer.72=168289.057261 12203076.000000
Run Timer.73=168289.057261 32104576.000000
Run Timer.74=168289.057261 13620166.000000
Run Timer.75=168289.057261 35123416.000000
Run Timer.76=168289.057261 18249786.000000
Run Timer.77=168289.057261 249317056.000000
Run Timer.78=168289.057261 87844856.000000
Run Timer.79=168289.057261 264498640.000000
Run Timer.80=168289.057261 148545008.000000
Run Timer.81=168289.057261 284023936.000000
Run Timer.82=168289.057261 8283819.500000
Run Timer.83=168289.057261 33969488.000000
Run Timer.84=168289.057261 47331276.000000
Run Timer.85=168289.057261 33584392.000000
Run Timer.86=168289.057261 26568074.000000
Run Timer.87=168289.057261 14429478.000000
Run Timer.88=168289.057261 30312676.000000
Run Timer.89=168289.057261 34558536.000000
Run Timer.90=168289.057261 37622856.000000
Run Timer.91=168289.057261 15475739.000000
Run Timer.92=168289.057261 9749132.000000
Run Timer.93=168289.057261 17656332.000000
Run Timer.94=168289.057261 5172687.000000
Run Timer.95=168289.057261 8147610.500000
Run Timer.96=168289.057261 2450725.000000
Run Timer.97=168289.057261 3533841.500000
Run Timer.98=168289.057261 825569.375000
Run Timer.99=168289.057261 1664401.875000
Run Timer.100=168289.057261 1062904.000000
Run Timer.101=168289.057261 2107974.000000
Run Timer.102=168289.057261 939317.750000
Run Timer.103=168289.057261 30554472.000000
Run Timer.104=168289.057261 16014929.000000
Run Timer.105=168289.057261 10764345.000000
Run Timer.106=168289.057261 832177.562500
Run Timer.107=168289.057261 948806.875000
Run Timer.108=168289.057261 5539191.000000
Run Timer.109=168289.057261 11984781.000000
Run Timer.110=168289.057261 9078926.000000
Run Timer.111=168289.057261 7104256.500000
Run Timer.112=168289.057261 18097798.000000
Run Timer.113=168289.057261 14674874.000000
Run Timer.114=168289.057261 22603634.000000
Run Timer.115=168289.057261 9267546.000000
Run Timer.116=168289.057261 23637790.000000
Run Timer.117=168289.057261 29323270.000000
Run Timer.118=168289.057261 32205742.000000
Run Timer.119=168289.057261 12896923.000000
Run Timer.120=168289.057261 2958153472.000000
Run Timer.121=168289.057261 2583972096.000000
Run Timer.122=168289.057261 2020381824.000000
Run Timer.123=168289.057261 45688308.000000
Run Timer.124=168289.057261 79012640.000000
Run Timer.125=168289.057261 78506832.000000
Run Timer.126=168289.057261 71459208.000000
Run Timer.127=168289.057261 65768288.000000
Run Timer.128=168289.057261 52444492.000000
Run Timer.129=168289.057261 57410480.000000
Run Timer.130=168289.057261 63705004.000000
Run Timer.131=168289.057261 64376984.000000
Run Timer.132=168289.057261 131590656.000000
Run Timer.133=168289.057261 128151464.000000
Run Timer.134=168289.057261 105641056.000000
Run Timer.135=168289.057261 97202176.000000
Run Timer.136=168289.057261 69016168.000000
Run Timer.137=168289.057261 142707632.000000
Run Timer.138=168289.057261 131156384.000000
Run Timer.139=168289.057261 65412352.000000
Run Timer.140=168289.057261 53404228.000000
Run Timer.141=168289.057261 84879040.000000
Run Timer.142=168289.057261 58685224.000000
Run Timer.143=168289.057261 147589472.000000
Run Timer.144=168289.057261 46136712.000000
Run Timer.145=168289.057261 183586592.000000
Run Timer.146=168289.057261 21604882.000000
Run Timer.147=168289.057261 71245904.000000
Run Timer.148=168289.057261 27091448.000000
Run Timer.149=168289.057261 41181488.000000
Run Timer.150=168289.057261 263084560.000000
Run Timer.151=168289.057261 16815934.000000
Run Timer.152=168289.057261 32598402.000000
Run Timer.153=168289.057261 2478459648.000000
Run Timer.154=168289.057261 2569515264.000000
Run Timer.155=168289.057261 1022501.812500
Run Timer.156=168289.057261 56729320.000000
Run Timer.157=168289.057261 20271788.000000
Run Timer.158=168289.057261 48925388.000000
Run Timer.159=168289.057261 74197552.000000
Run Timer.160=168289.057261 54081152.000000
Run Timer.161=168289.057261 62535328.000000
Run Timer.162=168289.057261 67029556.000000
Run Timer.163=168289.057261 44768180.000000
Run Timer.164=168289.057261 37157120.000000
Run Timer.165=168289.057261 49983820.000000
Run Timer.166=168289.057261 33959560.000000
Run Timer.167=168289.057261 45833376.000000
Run Timer.168=168289.057261 79081312.000000
Run Timer.169=168289.057261 44618976.000000
Run Timer.170=168289.057261 53626652.000000
Run Timer.171=168289.057261 43124192.000000
Run Timer.172=168289.057261 40786160.000000
Run Timer.173=168289.057261 30461036.000000
Run Timer.174=168289.057261 38632380.000000
Run Timer.175=168289.057261 79399096.000000
Run Timer.176=168289.057261 53156332.000000
Run Timer.177=168289.057261 35991220.000000
Run Timer.178=168289.057261 36932716.000000
Run Timer.179=168289.057261 65655040.000000
Run Timer.180=168289.057261 41743072.000000
Run Timer.181=168289.057261 48280888.000000
Run Timer.182=168289.057261 44147672.000000
Run Timer.183=168289.057261 51516616.000000
Run Timer.184=168289.057261 68542376.000000
Run Timer.185=168289.057261 74549240.000000
Run Timer.186=168289.057261 24488534.000000
Run Timer.187=168289.057261 1780371.875000
Run Timer.188=168289.057261 1309571.375000
Run Timer.189=168289.057261 4532766.000000
Run Timer.190=168289.057261 13194860.000000
Run Timer.191=168289.057261 27212524.000000
Run Timer.192=168289.057261 30114834.000000
Run Timer.193=168289.057261 187521872.000000
Run Timer.194=168289.057261 1101484928.000000

Niklas Eriksson

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when i start fsx the next time, the failure settings are back to service based failures... is it supposed to be like that?


Kind of...


I think this is a collision between your setting and the setting in the saved panel state. You see this as well with certain settings like the default transition altitude/level. In the decision between the default settings and the saved panel state settings we had to give one priority and it was decided that the saved panel state would win out.


After you set it next time, save a new panel state, set it as the default panel state, and see if it works for next time.

Kyle Rodgers

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